Sunday, August 27, 2006

Adsense blogging

If you already have own blog or plan to start one, adsense is perfect way to monetize it. Adsense works perfect for any “expert’s blogs” or content blogs. It means that if you have niche blog there you post articles, reviews and so on, you have to place Adsense blocks.

Browsing thousands content blogs with perfect Adsense revenue I have found some rules that they follow these rules:

  1. Find narrow niche for your blog. Become an expert in this niche.
  2. Create at least one post daily.
  3. Place Adsense blocks close to content

The first rule is the most important. But it’s harder to follow. There are some tips how to choose good niche:

  1. Write down at least 50 your interests into list. What is your hobby? What do you like to do? What niche are you an expert?
  2. Write down 3-4 keywords for each list item.
  3. Use Google Keyword Tool to find the niche with the highest paid keywords.
  4. Choose niche from the top 5.


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