Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big numbers game is Adsense game

OK. Now You have one website that you have build an optimized for Adsense. You have promoted this website as good as you can. There are 100-200 unique visitors daily. How mach money this site brinks to you? $1 or $2 daily. What have you to do now? Promote this website or build another one?

It depends of website and your SEO skills. If you are not SEO guru, build another adsense website. Build website in another niche. Promote them. You can do it. You already have one website with 100-200 visitors daily.

OK. Now your have two websites that brings you $2-$4 daily. How many you will earn daily if you will build 100 websites? Build them. And promote them.

When you build 10-20 websites, you can promote your new websites just adding links from existing ones.

If you can’t write content for 100 websites use private label rights article to do it. Just rewrite them.


Blogger Mohd Iznan said...

nice entry you have here....if 50 website...everyday 1 would be roughly ca 500 usd per month....not bad hah

7:28 AM  

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