Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Does AdSense Make Your Website Look Cheap?

Many people believe that adding AdSense makes your website look cheap and less convincing. Yet others who put up new sites say that the Search Engines give too much credit to older websites, many of which have no new pages on them and have not been upgraded in years, thus they are now littering the Internet. The debate rages on.

In all this debate few can deny that many new websites have popped up that have irrelevant information on them and their sole purpose is to generate money from AdSense or click ads. Perhaps we should hold off on condemning older websites, which may not have been upgraded in a while, because many are excellent places to find answers to questions.

Indeed claiming that older websites are of no value because they have not been upgraded is the same as saying that older content, older articles and historical information on a website would be litter "Unless they had AdSense" next to them? Obviously that makes no sense. Does AdSense Make Your Website Look Cheap?

Well, the monetization of websites assumes that the trickle money coming in "Turns you on!" and that such money is more than whatever business you are in or may be in, in the future. No one can doubt that AdSense cheapens a website, makes it look like a commercial if it is not done very professionally and this is perceived by Surfers due to the many poor "Hatchet Job" monetization jobs out there which are littering The Internet.

You can certainly see the debate here amongst those who are Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Information providers to the human race. These philosophical arguments will not be leaving anytime soon. So, perhaps you will Consider all this in 2006.


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