Wednesday, August 23, 2006

RSS + Adsense = big profit without writing any content

RSS feeds are gold mines. There are millions feeds that updates daily. You can find feed for every niche, for every keyword. I remember only one episode then I didn’t find RSS content for my website. But I think you find RSS feed for your website.

OK. There is step by step instruction how to build your own RSS content website for AdSense.

Step #1

Find high paying keywords. Use this Google Adwodrs tool to analyze your keywords –

Step #2

When you have keywords list, find RSS feeds. Use Google, Technorati and other blogsphere services and search engines. You must fond at least 10-20 RSS feeds.

Step #3

Buy domain and hosting. Install CMS or script that support RSS aggregation. I use Drupal with aggregator2 module. It’s freeware. Change website templates and design.

Step #4

Place Adsense blocks on pages. Read this blog to find how to do this best.

Step #5

Add selected feeds into CMS and aggregate content from them. Schedule daily updates. Now you have website with daily updated content.

Step #6

Promote your website. It is most important and complex step. Learn SEO and how to increase website link popularity. You can find more information here: and


Anonymous Sam said...

Hi, used your tips on how to improve my adsense profit along with the tips on this adsense guide and have seen a significant increase in profit. So thankyou.

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