Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Five tips on making big money using adsense

By: Kurt Hansoll

From the beginning of the Adsense program people have tried to get the most out of they're Adsense Account.

Here are a view tips on how to maximise your profit.

1. Place your adsense blocks in the hot spots of your site. Those hot spots are in the top of the page, the left or the right side and in the center of the page. If will place an adsense in the footer of a website that has a lot of content you can just figure it out for yourself that people will get rarely to that ad.

2. The colors of the adsense links must have the same colors of your site's links.

3. Don't make your site's background color a dark one. People won't be able to read the content very good and won't see the adsense links that well either. Keep your background color white. You can't go wrong with that.

4. Make your adsense blocks blend with the content. As long as you make people think the adsense links are part of your site they'll keep clicking those ads and make you the money.
Put the ads exactly below your top menu and make it look like it shows some submenus.
You can also put it in the center of your site right next to your site's content. That way people will think those links are related to the content and will click on them.

5. Another trick I've seen that it's starting to catch up is putting some small images on top of your adsense links. The eyes of the visitors are more attracted to the images than the text sow you get them to look at the ads in a short time. They'll think the links have relevancy with the images and once again they'll click on them.

I hope you liked this small article and I hope it will bring more money in your pockets.

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