Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How To Make Money From Google Adsense

Google is a big name on the Internet these days and if you have a website of any sort you can make money with their help. You don't have to have the top ranked website on the Internet; you don't have to concern yourself with search engine optimization, you simply have to have a website on which you wouldn't mind placing a few small advertisements. Making money with Google Adsense is so simple that the opportunity is hard to pass up! Any type of website will work well with the Google Adsense program, which makes it all the more attractive.

While most of us know Google to be the biggest search engine on the Internet, the company actually makes most of its money and is known to others for its Adwords program. This program allows website owners to advertise on Google's search result pages. The Adsense program basically is the other side of the Adwords program and allows Google to advertise on your website and they pay you a portion of their revenue in return. Google is all about making money, and because they have so many companies willing to pay them for advertising space, they don't mind sharing a bit of it with you for the extra space on the Internet!

Adsense is a good idea because it's easy, requires very little of you, and will at least pay for your site each year. In fact, some people start using Adsense to cover their website expenses and find that they can earn a lot more, depending on their website and the traffic that they receive. Others just want to supplement what they are already making online, and this is also possible with Google Adsense. With just one website you can begin earning money tomorrow with Google Adsense.

The way this works is that every time a visitor on your website clicks on the advertisement, the company being advertised has to pay Google. This may be just 25 cents per click but over the course of a week, a month, or a year this nominal amount can really add up. While you will not see the 25 cents for each click, you may see a few cents of that. It doesn't seem like much, but when there are Google Adsense advertisements on all of your web pages the change can really add up fast. In fact, the program is so popular and lucrative that many people add pages to their existing websites just so that they can take on more Google Adsense advertisements.

What's great about the program is that you won't just have any old advertisement on your website. Google is very smart and knows that every website has a target audience, so the advertisements are relevant to the information, topic, service, or product that you offer on your website. This not only makes the advertisement seem as though it is not out of place, but also increases the likelihood that your visitors will click on it, earning both you and Google a few pennies with each click.

Google Adsense is a great program, but one tip is not to expect to become a millionaire with it. Many people boast how much money they make through the Adsense program and while you can earn a relatively good amount for a free program it is not likely that you will be able to quit your job at the end of the month! Another tip is to really think about how many pages you are willing to advertise on and how much space you can dedicate to Google advertisements. While the program is worth your time and space, many Internet users are wise to the program and feel as though web space could be used for more information, products, and services and don't like the idea that you want them to click on advertisements that will pay you. Granted, most web surfers will not avoid a website just because it has Google advertisements, but it's important not to take away from the user experience of your website to provide this advertising opportunity.

Google Adsense has had a bit of negative feedback, but with so many people using the program it comes as no surprise that some people are unhappy with it! Many people complain that their website features public service advertisements for extended periods of time, which do not pay. It is generally understood that if Google cannot determine what sort of advertisement to place on your webpage that they may place a public service announcement in place of a paid advertisement. The problem is that many website owners report that there will be a relevant ad and then all of a sudden it will be an unpaid advertisement. You could see how this would be very irritating, but for a free service you have to be willing to be a little bit flexible.

Overall Google Adsense is a very good program. Obviously, the more traffic you get to your website the more money you can make with the program. If you can take some time to work with Google and let them know what your website is all about you will find that your website has very relevant advertisements placed on it. Like all programs, Google Adsense has issues from time to time, but for the small investment in the way of space it is generally a great program to be involved with!

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