Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adsense Gold – The New Revolution In Adsense Earnings.

By: Alex Miller

There are a bunch of people on the Internet that are pulling in thousands of dollars every single week by using certain information about AdSense. I’ve come across a product called Adsense Gold which is referred to all over the Internet as one of the best solutions to increase your AdSense earnings, including tripling your adsense CTR & EPC. I checked it out and thought that it was simply one of the best solutions available. It works on three simple principles.

First is that you get the right ad format and placement. That means you use this guy’s statistics based on millions and millions of page impressions to work out what the very best performing ad format is. What he does is he tells you the best color to use, the best size of ad, the best shape of ad and where to place the ad. He also talks about the best performing color; in terms of links, headlines, etc. He removes all the guesswork from you in terms of having to try and work out what the best ad format is.

The second principle is that he focuses on the most valuable keywords to target. If you use AdSense you’ll know that the AdSense keywords you use are crucial to determine your earnings. You can be getting a few cents a click or, if you use the right keywords – the most valuable keywords, you can be getting several dollars per click. He gives you a free list of hundreds and hundreds of high earning keywords; keywords that advertisers are willing to bid up to 30 dollars or more for a single click.

The third principle is that you get lots and lots of targeted content. Content is king, as I say, and what he does is provide you with a ready-packaged bunch of content that you can lift and use directly, legitimately, on your website. This gives you keyword-rich targeted content that includes the keywords that are bid for by the highest paying advertisers, and he gives you all these things for free.

The main point behind the software, as it is a piece of software, is that it enables you to track absolutely everything about your ads campaign. It tells you which ads have been clicked on, how often and from which pages. It tells you where people have come from, how they’ve typed something into a search engine to find you and what phrases they’ve typed into that search engine.

You can use these principles to implement changes on your site to earn more and more revenue every single day. It’s become a life blood of my AdSense earnings and I now earn over 11 thousand dollars every single month using AdSense and this tool. Considering everything you get it’s exceptionally cheap. I recommend that you check it out below.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com

Triple Your Adsense CTR & EPC


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