Friday, November 03, 2006

The Death Of AdSense - Is Google AdSense Dead?

Many of you would have seen the report circulating the internet at the moment, claiming 'AdSense is dead'. Well, the truth of the matter is, AdSense IS dead for people who:

  • build websites with no useful content - also known as 'garbage' sites
  • copy and use content that has been written by other people, and used numerous times previously
Recent changes in the Google AdSense program has many online website owners and marketers seriously concerned. Many have seen their AdSense profits decline. For many the Google AdSense bubble has burst.

Why? Several months ago, Google made some minor, albeit significant changes to the AdSense program. Advertisers can now choose between having their ads display in Google search, the Google content network, or both. Google search won and started to receive higher bids, while also converting better than content ads.

The next step Google took was to crack down on useless, 'garbage' AdSense websites. We've all seen these sites before. They consist mainly of software generated articles, or re-hashed search engine links. In essence, these websites are totally useless as an information resource and are slowly getting squeezed out. Needless to say, this spelt disaster for internet marketers who ran websites of this nature - these are the people who are crying that AdSense is dead - when in actual fact, it is not!

It has become more than obvious that the people who benefit from AdSense are those who build content-rich, original websites that people actually want to visit, enjoy visiting, and continue to visit.

Does that sound a bit more promising and realistic? The reality of the situation is that AdSense is far from dead! I personally run several AdSense based websites that generate a significant revenue stream via AdSense advertising. Has there been a downturn in profits? Put simply - no.

The key to running websites whose sole purpose is to create income from advertising with Google AdSense is having quality content. As mentioned previously, AdSense will not work for people who are looking for a way to 'get rich quick'. Sure it will take a little bit of time to produce a great website, but once this has been done, it can run on autopilot and you can watch the dollars roll in. A little bit of effort up front equals big rewards later on.

But how do you go about producing these sites? The answer is simpler than many people would have you think. I personally bought numerous eBooks - all written by so-called professionals - that were supposed to help in building quality AdSense based websites. Of these, there was only one that cut through the clutter, got straight to the point and demonstrated, step-by-step, how to:

  • build quality AdSense websites
  • write and/or source quality content or articles
  • effortlessly integrate self-updating content
  • drive traffic to websites
  • integrate AdSense ads for maximum visibility and profitability

Don't listen to the hype, or the people that claim AdSense is dead. If you're interested in building websites that create an effortless revenue stream for you, I would suggest you read AdSense Gold today.

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