Thursday, December 07, 2006

Adsense Mini-Empire

The Google AdSense program is one of the easiest ways to make money with a website. You simply sign-up for the AdSense program and in a couple of days, if your site is accepted, you’ll receive an email with your account login information. Then all you have to do is get the HTML code from your account and insert it into your web page. Once this is done, content compatible AdSense ads will begin appearing on your website and every time one gets clicked you make money. The amount you make is dependent on the particular ad that’s clicked. The simplicity of the AdSense program is both its strength and its weakness.

The proper way of using Google’s AdSense program is to create a website filled with useful content, generate traffic to your site, strategically place AdSense ads on your website, and get paid into your account whenever someone clicks an ad. When your account reaches $100 Google will send you a check in about 30 days. That’s it in a nutshell.

One website generating just ten dollars a day will return you $300 a month. Not bad. Ten such sites and your making $3,000 per month. Even better. But there are those who say you can do even better. They say why not shoot for 100 sites, or more. One hundred sites, each averaging around ten dollars a day in AdSense revenue will earn you $30,000 per month, minus your hosting and content cost. Sound too good to be true? Of course it does.

The problem is twofold: content and traffic.

First of all, where exactly are you going to get enough unique content to fill 100 websites. The AdSense empire promoters will tell you it’s easy. There are hundreds of AdSense ready sites, filled with content, for sell on the Internet. Or you can buy packages of PLR (private label rights) articles and rewrite them yourself or process them through a content rearranger to make them appear original. According to the AdSense empire promoters the web crawlers will never know the difference.

But hold on a minute. Google’s not dumb. In fact you’d have a hard time finding a smarter group of people in any company’s employ. As the search algorithms grow evermore discerning these junk sites are being systematically de-indexed and blocked from getting indexed in the first place. The AdSense program is simply too profitable for Google to allow a bunch of garbage peddlers to dilute it. Don’t waste your time, effort, and money on prefabricated AdSense empires or software designed to churn out hundreds of junk sites.

Secondly, there’s the matter of traffic. Without traffic, for all intents and purposes, your website does not exist. Voodoo blogging, blogging and pinging, link exchanges, traffic exchanges, buying traffic, and many other forms of artificial traffic generation are aggressively being defanged by Google. By the way, one of the key elements involved in being a scammer is working feverishly hard to stay ahead of the game. Put all that energy and effort into legitimate avenues and you can create a rock-solid, growing income, without living with the fear of getting caught and put out of business.

While building a vast AdSense empire may be a job for scammers, the legitimate Internet entrepreneur can make a substantial income with the AdSense program.

The Strategy:

1. Find a potentially profitable niche.

2. Create a website consisting of a home page giving an overview of the chosen niche and 5 supporting pages, each focused on a particular aspect of the niche.

3. Run a five dollar AdWords campaign to get your site immediately indexed by Google. Kill the campaign after a couple of days (unless your site is getting a lot of cheap hits in which case you can try and sell something).

4. For three weeks, submit your site to five URL directories a day with a PR (Page Rank) of 4 or better. The goal is getting backlinks.

5. Submit three articles about your niche subject to article directories. No PLR articles. The goals are getting backlinks and visitors.

6. After three weeks add AdSense ads to your site.

7. Back to step 1 and repeat the process.

It is reasonable to think that an individual could properly maintain 25 to 30 such sites. By properly maintain I mean adding a couple of fresh articles a month to each site until they reach the point of saturation. Again, stay away from PLR articles.

In less than a year you could have 25 content rich websites, each averaging around $10 a day in AdSense revenue. That's $7,500 a month. Let's call it a mini-empire.

Roy Scott is an Internet entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in affiliate marketing and creating AdSense revenue.

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