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5 Google Adsense Secrets To Increase Your Revenue

If you’re one of the thousands of people that have tried google adsense with no luck, don’t be discouraged. Too many times people believe they can place an adsense ad on their page and begin making quality money right away. Here are five google adsense secrets that will help you begin making money.

1. Blending the ads with your background is a google adsense secret that many know of but forget to do. It is proven that more people will click on an ad if it looks like your website as far as the font and color of links as well as the same background. It makes it look less like an ad and more like your own work.

2. Keeping your google adsense above the fold is crucial. More times than not people only read part of your website or simply take a quick glance. By placing your ads above the fold, people can see the ad without having to scroll down. This gives you many more opportunities to receive clicks.

3. A google adsense secret that is not only important for your ads but your website as well is focusing on a niche. If you focus on one particular niche you will have a better chance at keyword optimization and climbing higher on the search engines. By focusing on a single subject, adsense can target your readers with relevant ads to increase your earnings. While the google adsense bot is smart, it won’t be able to figure out what your website is about if you write on every topic possible.

4. Cut down the clutter to eliminate the chance of your google adsense being skipped over. The problem with placing multiple pictures and banners and menus on your page is that it looks cluttered and makes it difficult to read. With a mass amount of information and displays it increases the chances of your visitors not even seeing your adsense ads. By keeping your site simple and informative at the same time, you have a better chance of getting clicks and increasing your revenue.

5. The last google adsense secret I have for you is far from being a secret. You must generate traffic to your site if you want people to click on your ads. There are multiple ways you can increase your traffic from writing articles, using search engine optimization, and posting in forums. However way you choose to increase your traffic, you must do something to build up a high traffic volume if you want to get any money from google adsense.

While these “google adsense secrets” may not seem like secrets, you would be amazed at how many people do not do them. By doing each and every single tip you will notice an increase in your google adsense revenue in no time.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Adsense Secrets

Pst! Wanna know some Adsense secrets? The only secret is that there are no secrets per se!

Do a search for Adsense secrets and you will be bombarded by a myriad of ads by trying to sell you the answers to making lots of money with Adsense.

Before you buy anything, my advise to you would be to do some research on a search engine and a bit of common sense. There are literally hundreds of forums where you can pick up valuable information, as well as hundreds of articles that have been written on the subject of Adsense.

Most of the answers are out there for you to find it you will put in a little bit of work. If you buy any of the ebooks available out there, you might find one little nugget of information that you may not have seen anywhere else, but I promise you: most of the time everything is out here on the Internet - all you have to do is search for it. Here are some of the search terms that I personally have used with great results:

increase adsense income
increase your adsense income
adsense experiments
adsense adsense tricks
adsense tips

What I can tell you from my own experience is this:

1. Ads at the top of the page and on the left of the page perfom better than any other ads. (Take a look at the "heatmap" from the Google link below)

2. Ads without background colour and borders perfom better than ads within borders with background colour.

3. Ads within content pages perform better than any other ads.

4. A search box on every page gives you another chance for earning Adsense income.

5. A blue link at the top of the ad, the ad in black, and the url also in black so that it blends in with the ad copy - also tends to perform well. A black url makes the link stand out and gives you a better chance of someone clicking on it.

Google has brought out some great Adsense optimization tips. You can read it here: Google Adsense optimization tips

Experiment with your settings and see which brings you the best results. Google's reporting has become a lot better in the last month or so, so you should instantly be able to see which ads result in better CTR.

To increase your site traffic, which obviously will increase your Adsense income, the best way to get traffic is to have fresh content at your site. Write your own articles and submit it to article directories like Go Articles etc. To find more article directories, just do a search for "free article directory submissions" on a search engine like Google.

Another way would be to publish articles by other authors that are relevant to your site content. You can find free articles all over the web by once again doing a search for e.g. "free site content".

Do this on a regular basis and watch your traffic (and your income) increase.

Joan Masterson is the owner of - and - sites that offers free work at home resources and information

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Prevent Your Adsense Account From Getting Terminated

Google, being the leader in search engines till now, is placing a high importance on the quality and relevancy of its search engines. Most especially now that the company is public property, Google has became seriously quality conscious regarding the results it displays.

For this same reason, doing the wrong things in the Adsense and other forms of advertisements, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will result in a severe penalty, may even get you banned. Nothing like a good action taken to keep wrongdoers from doing the same things over again.

So for those who are thinking of getting a career in Adsense, do not just think of the strategies you will be using to generate more earnings. Consider some things first before you actually get involved.

Hidden texts. Filling your advertisement page with texts to small to read, has the same color as the background and using css for the sole purpose of loading them with rich keywords content will most probably earn you a penalty

Page cloaking. There is a common practice of using browser and bot sniffers to serve the bots of a different page other than the page your visitors will see. Loading a page with a bot that a human user will never see is a definite no-no. Multiple submissions. Submitting multiple copies of your domain and pages is another thing to stay away from. For example, trying to submit a URL of an Adsense as two separate URL’s is the same as inviting trouble and even termination and because of this you should stay away from auto submitters. Its always better to check first if your domain is submitted already in a certain search engine before you try to submit it again.

Link farms. Be wary of who and what are you linking your Adsense to. The search engines know that you cannot control your links in. But you can certainly control what you link to. Link farming has always been a rotten apple in the eyes of search engines, especially Google. That is reason enough to try and avoid them. Having a link higher than 100 on a single page will classify you as a link farm so try and not to make them higher than that.

Page rank for sale. If you have been online for quite some time, you will notice that there are some sites selling their PR links or trading them with other sites. If you are doing this, expect a ban anytime in the future. It is okay to sell ads or gain the link. But doing it on direct advertisement of your page rank is a way to get on search engines bad side.

Doorways. This is similar to cloaking pages. The common practice of a page loaded with choice keyword ads aimed at redirecting visitors to another “user-friendly” page is a big issue among search engines. There are many seo firms offering this kind of services. Now that you know what they actually are, try to avoid them at all costs.

Multiple domains having the same content. In case you are not aware of it, search engines look at domains IP’s, registry dates and many others. Having multiple domains having the same exact content is not something you can hide from them. The same goes with content multiplied many times on separate pages, sub domains and forwarding multiple domains to the same content.

Many of the above techniques apply to most search engines and is not entirely for Google only. By having a mind set that you are building your Adsense together with your pages for the human users and not for bots, you can be assured of the great things for your ads and sites.

Not to mention avoiding the wrath of the search engines and getting your Adsense and site account terminated altogether.

About the Author: For more Hot tips like this check Kamal's site

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Does AdSense Make Your Website Look Cheap?

Many people believe that adding AdSense makes your website look cheap and less convincing. Yet others who put up new sites say that the Search Engines give too much credit to older websites, many of which have no new pages on them and have not been upgraded in years, thus they are now littering the Internet. The debate rages on.

In all this debate few can deny that many new websites have popped up that have irrelevant information on them and their sole purpose is to generate money from AdSense or click ads. Perhaps we should hold off on condemning older websites, which may not have been upgraded in a while, because many are excellent places to find answers to questions.

Indeed claiming that older websites are of no value because they have not been upgraded is the same as saying that older content, older articles and historical information on a website would be litter "Unless they had AdSense" next to them? Obviously that makes no sense. Does AdSense Make Your Website Look Cheap?

Well, the monetization of websites assumes that the trickle money coming in "Turns you on!" and that such money is more than whatever business you are in or may be in, in the future. No one can doubt that AdSense cheapens a website, makes it look like a commercial if it is not done very professionally and this is perceived by Surfers due to the many poor "Hatchet Job" monetization jobs out there which are littering The Internet.

You can certainly see the debate here amongst those who are Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Information providers to the human race. These philosophical arguments will not be leaving anytime soon. So, perhaps you will Consider all this in 2006.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Making Google Adsense Pay

From what I am reading in online forums and discussion boards, Google adsense is still ruling the roost, in terms of popularity, for those wanting to start earning money from home.

I personally, have Google adsense ads on most of my websites and I find that even with the lowest of daily impressions an income can be earned. Ok you won't make a fortune with a few hits per day but if you are constantly building websites and optimizing them for adsense then the income can REALLY add up.

A few of my most recent websites are only getting 10-20 impressions per day but really high click through rates. Some days I can earn $2-$3 per site for a couple of clickthroughs from these low traffic sites. This denotes HIGH interest from advertisers paying big bucks to Google for certain keywords.

Unbelievably, many entrepreneurs are earning six figure incomes per month from adsense revenue alone.

The smart earners are building site after site then building out the ones that show potential.

The idea is to set up sites in relatively unknown markets but also balanced with some interest in the advertising field. For instance, if you choose a niche with little or no interest from advertisers then the income will reflect this lack of interest, ie. no one will be paying google for advertising in your niche or they will be paying very little and you will earn pittance per click thru.

One site of mine in an obscure niche gets hundreds of unique visitors per day and loads of adsense clickthrus, yet the income is only a dollar or two daily. This tells me that advertisers are paying very little, probably in and around 10 cents, for keywords in my niche.

At the other end of the spectrum you DO NOT want to choose a niche with so much competition that you cannot get any traffic at all. The "work at home", "home business", "internet marketing" niches are not good examples for a newcomer to make money from Google adsense. The competition is just too great. If you DO already have an established home business site then by all means add some adsense ads to your site.

Like everything else I have done online I have learnt through trial and error, Google adsense has been no different. If you don't put the ads out there then you will never know the potential.

I do get some clickthrus from my home business sites and the click thru rates can be anything from 10-15 cents to $1-2. Not bad!

Google adsense is definitely here to stay for the forseeable future and we can all see why. If you have any vision at all you can see the potential in earning from Google adsense and exactly why it has become so popular.

Copyright 2006 Mal Keenan

Mal Keenan is publisher of Home Business Tips Newsletter. Check it out for tips on how to get Started Earning a Full-time Income from Home with my: Home Business newsletter. To Find Out What Was My Greatest Lucky Break in Six Years of Frustration check out: Plug in Profit Site Training. Free Home Based Business site.

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The Google Adsense-Adwords Automatic Money Machine

Have you ever tried to make money through affiliate programs using Google Adwords?

Then you know it's not easy. Some say that only 2-3 out of 10 affiliate Adwords campaigns will actually make a profit.

But what if you could get your Adwords campaigns for free, or even make a little profit from using Adwords for promoting affiliate programs.

Actually you can get your Adwords campaigns for free if you combine your Adwords campaigns with Google Adsense.

With Google Adsense you place small ads on your own web-page, hoping that people will click on these ads. When someone clicks on a Google ad on your web-site, you make money.

The normal approach to making money with Google Adsense is to have thousands of pages with Google ads, but you can successfully make money with Google Adsense with just one page.

That's right - one page!

1. Step
All you have to do is find niches, where people pay several dollars to get the top position in the Google ads. You can use Overture's bidtool to find high priced niche keywords.

2. Step
Next step is to build your one-page Google Adsense money machine. Find a free article in one of the article directories and set up a page with your keyword targeted article and three Adsense ad blocks. Use small Adsense blocks, that only shows the top three high priced ads.

3. Step
Last step is to set up a Google Adwords campaign with that niche keyword (and related keywords) - but you only bid 5 cents!

Now sit back and watch the magic. People click on your 5-cent ad and come to your one-page-Adsense website. They read your article - and some of them will click on the high priced ads on your page. Bingo! - you've made a small profit.

Nothing much, maybe a one dollar profit a day. My first Google Adsense 'Money Machine' is generating a profit of 2-3 dollars a day - that's at least $730 a year for just one page.

Want to make more money with your one-page-money-machine?

Find an affiliate program in that niche, and put your affiliate link on the page. Some of your visitors will click the Google ads and some will click on your affiliate link. What ever they do, you win!

Now you've got your Google Adwords campaign for free or you're even making a small profit with your Google Adwords-Adsense money machine. At the same time you're marketing your niche affiliate program.

Final advice
Don't use this technique in the 'Internet Marketing' market place - it's much to crowded. Use your imagination and find niches like laser hair removal, wheel chairs, cell phone, homeowners loan etc.

Take action - and go find some money making niche keywords.

About the author:
Jan Sepstrup is the editor of the Google Profit Tools Follow Up Newsletter - A free toolbar and ebook for Google Adwords profit.

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Adsense Authors: Who Are These People?

Adsense is a program designed by Google to help publishers monetize their websites using high contextually-accurate ads. Adwords is the other side of the coin which allows any person to create an account with Google and bid on keywords or key phrases to have their ads appear in either the search results ad placements, or in content sites that display Adsense ads.

Over the past few months I’ve identified a group of authors, writers, and publishers that I call: “Adsense Authors.”

My definition of an Adsense Author: Any author that uses article marketing as a strategy to drive traffic to their website in order to drive their adsense ad revenue sales.

These “Adsense Authors” really understand how to fully leverage article marketing as a strategy like no other group of authors.

Here are the commonly shared traits of these authors:

  1. Their articles are short, between 200-600 words.

  2. The quantity of articles they produce are typically from 25-300; around a tightly focused niche topic.

  3. The TITLE of their articles are very keyword rich: the first two, three, or four words are the most important in rank. You won't find these authors wasting the first 4 words of their title with non-keyword-rich words (such as "a" "how to" "top" "the" "of" etc).

  4. The BODY of their articles has high keyword density for the terms they are targeting.

  5. The KEYWORDS they use when submitting their articles are intelligently selected based on the overture or other keyword research tools; they are not haphazardly selected.

  6. They do not load up and bloat the guts of the BODY of their articles with links back to their sites; they know this slows down the acceptance of their articles for reprint by other publishers.

  7. Their articles are fun, fast, and easy to read. Often they will use bullets, numbered lists, and quick sub-heads to make the article easy to visually digest.

  8. Lastly, their RESOURCE BOX is brief with only one or two links in them: one link to their full website URL, and one anchored text link to a keyword of importance to their niche. They know that big, ego driven resource boxes slow down the viral nature of article marketing strategy.

Conclusion on Adsense Authoring

Adsense Authors have discovered the secrets behind fully unlocking the power of article marketing to drive enormous storms of organic traffic to their websites. They accomplish this with dozens to hundreds of tightly-focused niche articles, all reflecting high keyword value and research intelligence.

You won’t find any 3,000+ word articles or ego driven article content from an Adsense Author. They have only one purpose in mind: To drive massive amounts of traffic to their Adsense-based business model using article marketing as a key strategy.

Even if your goal in life has nothing to do with Adsense, you can definitely learn from today’s Adsense Authors on how to take Article Marketing to the next level of possibilities.

About The Author:

Christopher M. Knight invites you to submit your best articles for massive exposure to the high-traffic directory. When you submit your articles to, your articles will be picked up by ezine publishers who will reprint your articles with your content and links in tact giving you traffic surges to help you increase your sales. To submit your article, setup a membership account today:

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Ten Step System to Make Top Adsense Money

1. Keywords and Competition

To make money with Adsense it all starts here by choosing high paying Adsense keywords to make more money. Look for keywords that are searched for frequently, but have little competition and build web pages around these keywords. Your pages will still display the high paying Adsense ads to make you more money.

2. Good Domain Name

Register keyword rich appealing names. If your site was offering advice on insurance then “” is more appealing to the searcher than “” and will lead to more traffic to make you more money with Adsense.

3. Interesting and Unique Content

Creating unique and interesting content for your visitors so they return will make you even more money with Adsense. Your own content is best, or you can go to the article sites and use their content (as long as you abide by their rules), but add an introduction and a summary to make it unique.

4. Professional Looking Website

Many quality templates are available for you to produce Adsense websites. Use images sparingly to avoid distracting visitors from your content and clicking on your Adsense ads. Professional looking sites make money; don’t build a website that looks like your dog created it.

5. Optimize Pages

Well optimized pages rank well and will make good Adsense money:

• Title: Your keyword and a few extra words

• Meta Description: Use your keyword and make it appealing

• Meta Keyword Tag: Only use your keyword and one or two related keywords.

• Keyword Density: Aim for 3% – 5% keyword density

• Internal Linking: Use keywords in links

6. Adsense Placement

It’s well known that Adsense ads displayed at the top and middle of the page make more money than those down the side or at the bottom. Make your Adsense ads blend in with your page.

7. Blog

Create blogs and add links to your site and to some of your posts. Blogs that have regularly posts rank higher and get listed faster than websites (any links get spidered too). Write at least two posts a week and use Adsense on your blogs to make more money.

8. Google Site Map

Getting indexed fast will make you more Adsense money. Create a Google site map and send it to them and your site will get indexed fast.

9. Articles

Few use this method of generating free traffic to make money from Adsense. Articles also give you quality one way links. For a new site write two to three articles a week.

10. External Links

Nothing will improve your search engine rankings more than having quality one way links to your site. Good links will also give you more traffic to make even more money from your Adsense ads.

This proven ten step Adsense system works. Applying the system manually is hard work and takes a lot of time. A new tool that automates most of the system has emerged, enabling production of a large number of sites in very little time – the key to make big money with Adsense. You can learn more about it here:

Graham Bowall (aka “The Sledgehammer”) is an Internet Marketer who has been reviewing online money making opportunities for many years. He has a free, take no prisoners, make money online newsletter that will change your life You can find at:

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AdSense and Your Income

Google Adsense, as you all know, can make a great secondary income to your main website, or if you decide on an info site, a fairly decent income thru Google Adsense alone, if you know how to do it. But what is the right way and what is the wrong way of utilizing Adsense?

The basic generic elements to utilizing Adsense are content, display ads and traffic. That’s not so hard. Right? Well, what seems so simple can be very deceptively difficult. Granted, it’s not hard if you have the facts. People like Joel Comm and Michael Cheney have perfected Google Adsense through experimentation and testing on their websites to end up making a nice income from Google Adsense alone. But as you notice, their site is based around quality content and a set theme.

You can experiment and test yourself (start with Ad formats tutorials through Google) or you can get Joel Comm or Michael Cheney’s ebooks to help you achieve your goal. But no matter which way you go, through your own experimentation or with the help aids of a Guru, remember to follow the rules of Google.

Let me emphasize quality content, because some people are inundating the Internet, with what some people call, “junk” websites. Which by the way, are websites that offer less then quality content with the sole purpose of only getting clicks.

In fact, in my forum travels, I read a post where a webmaster was giving up his/her website, even though it had made around $10,000 because of all the hoopla about Adsense sites. What was my first initial question? Does or did this person have a junk site and was dropped by Google, or did this person’s income flat-line?

Creating an Adsense site using “article crawling machines” or other automated article systems is what Michael Cheney’s says is “like trying to build a brick house with out mortar”. These systems may get you up and running in the short run, but running a business in that matter, can definitely put your sense of accomplishment in the toilet and give your website and business a short run.. And yes, then you would probably need hundreds of websites with thousands of pages.

Can you create a website with quality content and make good money with Adsense – certainly. Google gives numerous examples of quality content with the use of Adsense. For example, look at – a quality website that pulls in $1400 a day in Adsense income.

Thus, if you are looking for longevity on the web, go with a theme that interests you with quality content. Then you won’t need hundreds of websites or thousands of pages and you can build your traffic and a viable income, while keeping both your credibility and integrity intake.

About The Author: Visit Vickie J. Scanlon at My Affiliate Place ( it is an Affiliate Site and a Learning Site for Affiliate Marketing/Internet Marketing offering a repository of Free Tools, Computers, Software Utilities, Web Hosting/Domain Info, with How To Articles and Ebook Reviews for the Affiliate Marketer.

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How To Build A Niche Web Site In 9 Simple Steps

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to go about setting up a niche web site. Well, here’s a quick little article that will show you how to create your very own affiliate web site. Please note: this is the cheat sheet version. There is a lot more information you should learn about this subject before you get started.

Step 1. Pick a Niche Subject

This may be the hardest part of your web site project. There’s literally tons of subjects to choose from. People are interested in a variety of things – from parrots to pilots. You don’t have to necessarily pick something you’re interested in, but it helps.

You’re more likely to do a better job at building your site when you have some interest in the subject matter. It’s like taking a high school or college class. Some subjects are more interesting than others.
Make sure you choose something that a reasonable amount of people are actually searching for online and want to find out more information about.

Here’s a free tool that will help you check the popularity of specific subjects: (

Step 2. Do Keyword Research

This is a part that many people skip. I’ve made that mistake myself and suffered the consequences – a failed web site. Even though it’s nice to think that you can write anything you want and have total creative freedom, not using keyword rich content is a BIG mistake.

I’d rather lose some creative freedom and attract visitors to my site, than have a lot of flowery prose that zero people will see. You MUST include targeted keywords in your web site copy. Also, make sure you use your targeted keywords in the upper third portion of your web site pages. This is also called optimizing your web site for the search engines. Use the Overture Keyword Tool for research:

Note: keywords must be relevant to the THEME (subject) of your site. Be careful not to over use them. Search engines don’t like keyword SPAM.

Step 3. Get A Domain Name

Having a unique domain name is important, although some don’t agree. However, a unique domain name makes your site look more professional and trustworthy to visitors. I use BuyDomains ( They are not the cheapest, but I stick with them because I like their easy interface and good customer service. Nameboy ( is also good.

Step 4. Write Keyword Rich Content

This may be a hard step for those of you who don’t consider yourselves writers. But, writing web site copy is not as hard as it seems. Just think of it as having a conversation with a friend about a product or service you’re really enthusiastic about.

Don’t think you can extol the benefits of your subject? Tune your TV into QVC or one of the other shopping networks to see how they can spend several minutes talking about the benefits of all kinds of mundane products. This is what you’ll be doing for your web site.

Your copy should feature a good balance of friendliness and professionalism. Remember, you’re passing along useful information to your visitor. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know about xyz subject if you were them? Now, write that down. Don’t forget to sprinkle targeted keywords throughout your copy. I print out a list of them to use for my sites.

If you simply can’t put words onto the page and find yourself staring at a blank screen, then visit Internet marketing forums like Willie Crawford’s ( for suggestions on finding writers. Or, visit Elance (

Step 5. Build Your Web Site

Ok. You’ve created your copy. Now it’s time to build the actual physical web site. I use Homestead (, but there are many good point and click web site builders out there.

You have a lot of creative freedom on how you want your site to look (I prefer black copy on white backgrounds with photos), but remember that people are looking for attractive, easy-to-navigate sites with useful information.

Step 6. Sign Up for Matching Affiliate Programs

You’ve created a web site about xyz subject. Now look for affiliate vendors who perfectly match the theme of your site. Integrate your affiliates attractively into your web site copy. Don’t confuse your visitors by giving them too many choices.

If you want to list a lot of affiliates on the same page, you can create a helpful “resource guide” page.

Step 7. Include Google Adsense Ads

Google has a great program for web site owners who wish to make a little extra money for simply displaying google ads on their web site. It’s easy to sign up and free. Just visit google ( and sign up for their Adsense program. They’ll give you some html code to copy and paste on your site.

While google decides which ads will actually appear on your site, you can decide how the google ads will look – choose colors, borders, etc. and where to put them on your pages.

Step 8. Find Link Partners

I found out that exchanging links with other web site owners is a MUST if you want to improve your search engine rankings. Google especially will consider your site more relevant if your site has other sites linking to it. Also the ad copy from other sites, if relevant, can add more valuable keyword content to your own site.

I use Linkmarket ( to find credible web sites to exchange links with. It’s free to join.

Step 9. Write Articles to Promote Your Site

Oh oh. Here’s that writing thing again. Well, you better get used to it, because writing articles like this one (normally your articles will be about the subject matter of your web site) will help give your affiliate web site much needed exposure. It doesn’t matter if you write them yourself or hire others (ghostwriters) to write them for you.

You’ll find that the best Internet marketers all write articles to promote themselves, their newsletters, and products and services. Remember, there’s a reason the Internet is called the “information” super highway.

After writing your articles, you can post them to article submission sites, which you can find by typing “article submission” in Google. People can easily find your articles to use as free content for their sites.

Now, I suggest that you print this article out and refer to it often as you go about creating the next great affiliate web site. Good luck!

About the Author:

Donna Monday Copyright 2005 Find it Quick in a Click

Read more articles by: Donna Monday

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Making Money With Your Blog

I’ve sure you’ve heard before that it’s a possibility to make money with your blog and you may be wondering how this is possible. And were they really meant for making money or just for journaling your personal thoughts? I’m not sure what they were intended for but they are great ways to make money.

I have a personal blog which is just my own private little place to go online and jot down my thoughts, but I also have my business blogs.

Back In The Beginning

Now to be honest with you in the beginning of my blogging experience I really wasn't sure what I should do with my blog. I knew I wanted to make money with it, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know what I could do to not only be a value to others so they would come back to my blog, but that I would still enjoy writing it.

So it was really important to me that I find a topic in which I would be excited about, and have enough to offer so that I could blog every week or so. After starting a blog that was meant to just be an add on to my business at and struggling with the direction of that blog, I came across one of Alice Seba’s blogs. Which she used to write about her experience through a traffic product.

Every couple of weeks or so she would update her progress through this course. She would tell us all about her successes with this product and how great it was for her business. And it made me think of how I could do something similar.

Product/Service Focused Blog

This is when the light bulb moment went off in my head. This is when I realized what I should have been doing all along. I have been a member of a exclusive coaching program for mothers in business.

Since joining this program my business has seen great success. My income has increased more then five times what it was before I joined and my traffic has increased even more then that.

I enjoy and believe in this coaching program and it happens to have an affiliate program. I often got email from other work at home mothers who wanted to know my thoughts on this program.

Taking a cue from Alice’s blog I decided to start my own such blog. And named it - okay, not a catchy title, but I'm no good with picking names

I used this blog for the purpose of documenting my successes with my business. My projects, new content added to my website, keyword phrases I was ranking for…etc. Basically anything that had to do with my business, that was directly or indirectly because of my joining Mom Masterminds, I jotted down.

Not only was this the best move I could have made for my promoting this affiliate link it also served as a great way to really see for myself the successes my business was achieving and also to keep me on track.

This is one way you could make money with a blog. There are other ways you could make money with a blog if you don’t want to devote a blog to one service or product you’re promoting.

Side Kick Blog

For instance, my blog at is a side kick to and my forums. This is a blog in which I update my members on additions to the website, newsletter and forums. Updating any important telecommuting or business news and can promote my adsense and any other affiliate programs.

So this blog serves more then one purpose. My main goal with this blog is to get traffic to certain sections of my website. I have a large website and it’s not always easy for people to find my information. So this is a great way for me to keep certain new pages or sections of my website in the public eye and get traffic to those pages. It also serves as a way to make money with adsense and affiliate programs. And lastly it gives exposure to my forum and my newsletter.

There can be many ways and many topics in which you can make money and gain exposure to other businesses you may have or can help in creating you as an expert in a certain field.

Just take the time to really think about what you could be writing about and then how you can make money with that as well. You can take a look at others blogs to get an idea and see what other people are looking for.

Making Money With Your Blog - Resources:

Blogs to Riches- is an ebook that details ways you can make your blog profitable. And the really cool thing with this is if you list the publishers link on your blog for 45 days he will give you this ebook for free! If you don't want to wait that long you can also purchase it for a low price. Read more about Blogs to Riches -

Increasing Adsense - is an ebook about how to increase your adsense revenue. This ebook isn't specifically geared towards blogs, but the information you will learn you can use with your blogs. (As well as websites and forums...anywhere you have adsense.)

* Don't know what adsense is? Go to to learn more.

Ready To Blog?

Are you ready to take the leap into a blog? If so, it’s really very easy to set up a blog. The one resource I have used for all my blogs has been This is free, easy, and fun. There are many templates to chose from and you can customize yours if you would like.

I have used the general template for my mom masterminds blog and I have customized my blog with different colors and fonts then what it came with. I also have that hosted on my own domain, but you certainly don’t have to do that.

Submit Your Blog

After you create your blog you will want to submit it to blog directories to help get your blog out in front of the public. Some of the directories you can try are:

BlogWise -
Blog Search Engine -
Blog Hub -
Blog Daisey -
Get Blogs -
Is Blogs -


Next, you need to add feeds to your blog. What is a feed? Good question. I don’t know the exact way to describe a feed nor do I have a lot of valuable information on this subject.

This is still very new to me, but I can tell you briefly what a feed does. You add a little graphic to your blog. It can be for someone's yahoo page, msn page and other ways.

When they click on that they can add your blog to their personal yahoo page. Then every time you add a new post they are alerted on their yahoo page that you have posted AND it even shows the topic of the post and how long ago it was posted.

This is one of the best resources I’ve found in keeping people coming back to your blog. They can subscribe to it so easily and they will be automatically updated whenever you have posted. It’s pretty easy to add an RSS feed to your blog. The resource I personally use is at

Watch Out Blogging World - Here I Come!

Now, see how simple this really can be? You can make money with a blog, gain exposure for another business or websites, can create yourself as an expert on a certain topic, can create a blog for free, get it listed for free and start an RSS feed for free! Now get out there and start blogging.

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