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How To Dig Google Adsense Gold Part 3 of 15: Google Adsense Ad Formats

How to Dig Google Adsense Part 3 of 15 deals with google adsense ad formats. The question going through every one's mind is what google adsense format can I use in order to get the best earnings out of my website? The answer of course is all but impossible as each website is different. So how do you find the best ad format for your website, well there are a couple of steps you have to through in order to make sure you do get the best earnings from google adsense.

Couple of Suggestions

Google adsense formats are ever changing as a matter of fact a new one just came out called the 200x200 ad unit. Generally on the world wide web there are a couple of "secret", as one might call them, ad formats that seem to work wonders no matter what website they are put on. But keep in mind that these are only suggestions according to popularity, and the Internet tends to have a single style of web page format call it a "classic". That is the navigation on the left and the content on the right. So if your website is new or somewhat different these might be completely useless. Now the popular google adsense ad formats are the 336x280 large rectangle, the 300x250 inline rectangle, and the 160x600 wide skyscraper for blogs. Keep in mind this is only the starting step if you want to keep exploring and see if you can earn more you should keep on reading.

Your Very Own Ad Format

Google adsense was made for the Internet not just one kind of websites. This very fact should give you hope as every website has the potential to earn as money as any other website. And one of the very deciding factor is how the google adsense ad units look like to your visitors. One way to find what ad format works best for your website is comparing how each does using the google adsense custom reports. Using the google adsense custom reports you can try different formats and see which ones work best. Keeping in mind the time factor and also what I call the occurrence factor. Meaning if you have a blog keeping in mind that when you post a new post you get way more visitors meaning that your ad unit will get more views. So you should make sure the environment is as stable as possible for each google adsense ad format you try out.

Channel Your Ad Units

Google adsense gives you yet another way to test your ad formats to find out that gold making special one. The google adsense channels can be used to track each ad unit you have on your website. Cutting down on the time you have to take in order to test each web page. The channels can be used to run the google adsense ad units tests on each web page you have simultaneously. But remember to make each as descriptive as possible as per my article but add one more description; time.

Testing Two At A Time: Google Adsense A/B Testing

Google adsense A/B testing is a relatively new method rolled out by google adsense to try to ease the time it takes to figure out things such as which ad units earn the most for the user therefore earn more for google adsense itself. Google adsense A/B Testing Allows you to choose two ad formats or units and show them at the randomly at the same time on your website. This more than doubles your chance at finding the gold in google adsense.

Keep At It

Google adsense ad formats take a long time to perfect for some but others may get lucky. But for those of us who have to do it over and over again most likely we'll end up spending hours perfecting the ad formats on each and every page. Don't let this scare you this is just a necessity in order to find the ways to increase your google adsense earnings. As a matter of fact I almost always have to try out each google adsense ad format before I combine my results and see which one performed better. Remember to perform your test annually or even monthly if possible in order to stay relevant to your users, nothing is set in stone.

Thank You

Google adsense is an ever changing field it takes a lot to keep up with the constant ne methods. That's why I created All About Google Adsense on the hour updates of new ways to use google adsense as well as many articles like this one. If you'd like to support me please link to my precharge projectnet seo contest entry. Thank You

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How To Dig Google Adsense Gold: Part 2 of 15 (Custom Report)

In this second part of "How To Dig Google Adsense Gold" guide, we'll discuss custom reports and how they can used to your advantage. Custom reports for google adsense is a pretty common known feature but do we really know what it is? After all it gives you the opportunity to track everything from ad units to impressions and even data over time accumulated and right to your mailbox. Used wisely with google adsense custom reports can increase your cash by telling you exactly what is going on and when it's going on. Not to mention eliminating the hustle of checking your google account in order to track your earnings let's say per week.

Getting Started

Log into your google adsense account. And go to the "advanced reports" under the "reports" tab. There choose the settings you want your new report to be and press "Display Report". There on the right middle side there should be a box and enter your new custom report name and press save. Now keep in mind that whatever settings you had on to show the report are the ones that it's going to use. From there you can go to the "report manager" tab, under "reports" yet again, and there you can change the frequency say weekly, monthly whatever you feel like. Here also you can choose the email it shall be sent to, and the google adsense folks did us one even better you can choose which format the report will be in CVS or CVS-EXCEL. That's it you are all done but what do you do with this new found knowledge? Well read on...

Let's Play Diary Keeper

Custom reporting isn't just a sport or just a way to get your weekly earnings it's much better than that. I am going to show you a method I use to keep tract of things going on in my many all about google adsense campaigns. First create a folder on your computer. Name it "Google Adsense Log" or something close. Next inside the folder name a new folder with a weekly name say "Sept-14-to-21" this way you know what time frame it is. Next go inside the folder and in there save a text file, but not just any normal text file I want you to put in all the details of your google adsense ad units. From color to placement everything covered in my channels article. Now that you know what time frame and what the ads you are you know everything about what you did with your google adsense units. Save that file to that corresponding folder. And at the end of the week save the CVS file you get to that folder. This way you not only have what you did but the fruits of your labor as well. You can use this for a month each time creating anew folder for a new week to see with things you tried worked best. Now this assumes you don't change your google adsense ad units during the weeks, and just wait for a new week to try something new. At the end of the month you can decide which methods worked to bring you more revenue. This is just one of the many ways you can use google adsense custom reporting to your advantage.


Many of us have experienced events when our google adsense revenue either jumps up really high or goes to zip. We stand mouth wide wondering what we did wrong or right. Well with custom reporting you can see just that. If you use them right and keep up with teach week you can see exactly what you did or what one of your visitors did to bring about such a change.

Good Investments

Using google adsense custom reports will give you all the previously stated advantages but there is more. How many of you have thought about selling your websites? Say it's getting to hard to keep up with, or you don't have enough time anymore. Well think about your custom reports and being used as proof of the kind of google adsense earnings a potential client will. After all they stay in your google adsense account so you have proof that those really are the correct stats of your ad units. Adding just one more thing to entice your buyers.

Thank You

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How To Dig Google Adsense Gold: Part 1 of 15 Channels

Hear ye, hear ye after careful thinking and hours of sleepless nights, I've finally finished what may prove to be the biggest google adsense tutorial on the Internet itself. I am calling it How To Dig Google Adsense Gold, well can you dig it? It's so big I had to break it into 15 parts. Before we begin let me point out that Google Adsense isn't a game or a get rich quick scheme it's a legitimate business, so approach it as such. If you truly are serious about making money then buckle down and truly focus because if used right this could be your way to riches. Well then let's get this show on the road.

Experimenting With Channels

Channels are a the doorway to the google adsense cave that's filled with gold. Channel is a perfect name as they provide a way to know which way the money is. They can be used to record impressions, CTR, CPM, and earnings statistics for a certain box or even a page. It's up to you to use that information to make it earn you even more money. Also keep in mind that nothing is set in stone so if you think a color combination can do better in a different place other than the one your research provided then by all means try it out. Staying fluid is a necessity in life as well as google adsense.

Channels can be used in several ways from to finding out which places on your website are the money earners, which colors are the eye turners that seem to work with your particular website, and the third of course with format is best for your website. Those are the three things that once can use channels for, let's explore each:


Where you place an ad plays a major role in your earnings. Through experimenting with different places can one truly find which ones on your website visitors like to look at, therefore click your ad. This is where channels come in, you can keep track of the different of the positions by creating different channels for each. The all time favorite being above the fold (all the way on top of everything else) you can create a channel called "topbannerwebsite" the website part could be the site you are placing it on. You want to make the name of the channel as specific as you want, don't be afraid every character can be included in the name. Set a timetable of the certain channels and see which ones perform better than others. This should allow you to know where your users mostly look and pay attention to. It takes about a week to be sure a spot will continue to bring in the same results or even month if you have the time. Now that you know the place let's see which colors can make the place look even better.

Color Palettes

Let's play dress up with our google adsense ads and make them look spectacular. Now that you know the place let's use those ingenious channels to find out what really makes the user's eyes pop open trying to sneak a peek. Different colors can be changed via the color palette but don't forget to have a different channel for every different color combination. The name should be in a specific to the color let's say "topbanner-red-and-blue". If you want though you can further into it including the url's colors and all that just make sure you can read it and know which colors you meant. With the place and colors known you are that much closer to truly maximizing your income.

Ad Formats

Ad Formats refers to the size and the contents of a specific ad unit. This is crucial to any google adsense campaign as how big or what it looks like affect a user's stand point. Thankfully google adsense has a range of formats available that can keep you testing for eternity. From images to text to referrals the list keeps growing everyday it seems. But what you need to focus is on is the ones that are already proven to get you the mos earnings even google adsense admits that the 336x280 large rectangle,300x250 inline rectangle, and the 160x600 wide skyscraper. I suggest you start your research with those and broaden your ranges if the results are not satisfactory. The channel should be a specific one by now in the terms of "top-banner-urlblue-textblack-336x280" that should be a basic of what your next names should be. Combining all these three is the perfect method to maximize your google adsense earnings.

I know this seems like a lot of work but like I said money truly isn't a game unless you are in Las Vegas. To tell you the truth I myself take a month just to set the adsense blocks on any of my new sites. Everything has to be tried and measured to make sure it's the best as it gets. Remember what I said about these not being written in stone I suggest you get back at least a year and try it all over again so as to suit your audience even more. People do change and after any major change in your site either in traffic or look you should retrace your steps, but at least you have something to start with.

Thank You

What's the point of knowledge if you can't share it? Didier Ntwali says let's share and all be happy. Through All About Google Adsense and precharge projectnet spreading the word on all new SEO techniques has never been easier.

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So If AdSense Is Dead Then What?

By: Richard Keir

Copyright 2006 Richard Keir

I've been following this latest fantastic little adventure in internet marketing with a great deal of interest.

The Death of AdSense isn't something new. Savvy, big time players (these are NOT most Internet Marketing Gurus) have always said that AdSense isn't a business - it's something that can, CAN, generate an income, but which requires an exit strategy into a real business.

Now, you can take this several ways. It is possible to construct a more or less viable business model around AdSense. But, you need to have a lot more resources than most people who try AdSense as an income source have.

I'm sorry, but this is reality. For most (by which I mean somewhere between 95 and 98% of the people putting up AdSense sites), it's penny scraping and it's hard and it's getting harder.

Sure thing, you can build "authority sites." Uh huh. With PLR content? You think? I doubt it but try it and see.

Let's see who else I can get angry at me.

AdSense content ads still pay decent money in competitive markets - the problem is that competitive markets are difficult to get ranking in and therefore traffic for. Oh, it's possible, but it's an awful lot of work.

The major problem most MFA publishers face is that they don't do the work. Slap up a site and on to the next. Grab a template with a bunch of crummy content and HOPE you'll make a buck or 50 cents a day. Now that's nuts.

CPA (click per action), particularly for decent leads has generally always paid substantially more than something like AdSense. It is something you can establish a stable long-term business on. As long as you can get the traffic.

You can, certainly, get traffic through PPC. You can also lose your shirt. It's not a newbie game. If you're going to do PPC, you have got to do some serious studying and track everything very closely or you can go broke in short order.

Think about this. Say I do a monster hot viral deal and bag 27,000 marketers. And I turn them onto CPA at places that pay me a commission on sign up and a small percentage of the business those new affiliates bring in. Now, we're talking a little serious continuity. Month after month I'm getting a little bit from the efforts of what - 1000, 8000, 12000 people? Bring me another one of those funky drinks with the umbrella, the sun is strong and the beach is beautiful.

Is that worth 50 cents per? I suspect so. And eventually, there's going to be one or more dyn-o-mite products with major price tags, too.

Boy, I'm seriously jealous. We're talking genuine genius stuff here. You see, it doesn't matter a damn whether AdSense is dead or not. A new path can be worth a fortune to those who didn't have a clue - and who are willing to do the learning and the work to make it happen. Most won't, of course. It's a lot of work. But some will and they should do very well.

In one sense, Ad Sense has always been dead. You're throwing away your traffic for pennies. And it's a lot of work to get ANY traffic.

But for most, CPA is going to be a dangerous and potentially ruinous game. It sounds terrific, but nobody's telling you how to get those PPC costs for your landing pages down from maybe 5 or 10 bucks per click. Hey, wake up, remember the Google slap, landing page quality measures, etc.

There are some brilliant, knowledgeable, capable people running around loose who do give out valuable information. They aren't stupid. That means they do it for a reason. You can use their information to improve your business, but you absolutely have to get a grip on their goals too. You have to understand not only what you're doing and why but what they're doing and why.

You are going to have to stop believing blindly everything that sounds terrific and matches, more or less, your own experience. Ugly, but you have to use your head and actually think.

A zillion lemmings running blindly after the latest greatest revelation - it's the same stupid game of looking, over and over, for the one miraculous tool, idea, concept, piece of software that's going to make you a fortune. It isn't going to happen. The magic bullet doesn't exist. Stop wasting your time and money.

Create a workable plan - one you can actually carry out. MFA, affiliate sales, creating your own product, CPA (if you can do the PPC or are willing to learn). Any one of these can make you money. If you stop screwing around looking for the answer and the easy money. There is NO easy money. It's all either work (for most of us) or sheer bloody genius combined with an insane amount of luck (for the few).

Well, I hope I managed to offend everybody who's pulling your chain to suck a couple more nickels out of you. If not, maybe in my next article. But you - you have got to do some very serious work on your BS detector. You need to understand how you are being done to and why. It isn't necessarily a bad thing. You are getting really valuable information, but you still need to evaluate and understand it, not accept it as if Moses were dumping one of those stone tablets on you. Even I'm trying to sell you stuff.

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Richard's always had a bad attitude. And a somewhat deviant perspective and style. His latest product is available here at and you can find out more about his other products at

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Top Paying Adsense Keywords - It's Not Just About The Keywords...

By: Alex Miller

Google adsense has been a magnificent way for webmasters to increase their revenue because they can turn their traffic into money. The more traffic you have, the more potential you have for earning money.

Many sites on the Internet, including mine, give out information on the top paying adsense keywords. These are the keywords that have been bid on the most on Google Adwords or Miva etc. It must be said though that the figure advertisers are bidding for these keywords is nowhere near what you will receive as a webmaster.

For example, let's take the keyphrase "Car Insurance". Advertisers are bidding between $42.53 - $53.95 for this keyphrase. Before you work out roughly how much you could earn, you need to do the following:

1. Make sure that your website contains lots of content surrounding your chosen keyword. Do not put in the keyphrase hundreds of times; just make sure that you have evenly 'sprinkled' your phrase in your content. It needs to read well, and it needs to be informative to your visitors.

2. Make sure that your keyphrase is in your main heading

3. Make sure, if you can, that your keyphrase is your subheading. For numbers 2 & 3, you can add other words to your heading and subheading, but just make sure that your phrase is within it.

4. Make sure that if you have any images relating to your keyphrase, that the 'alt text' contains that phrase.

Right, now that you have ensured the above, you have increased the chances of earning top money when Google Adsense ads are placed and clicked on your website.

The general rule for working out how much you could expect to earn is to take the average Google Adwords CPC (i.e. - how much they are bidding for your keyphrase of interest), divide it by 2, and then divide that figure by 10.

The amount you get left with is a conservative figure for what you could expect to earn.

For example; the average CPC for car insurance is approximately $48.24.

$48.24 / 2 = $24.12
$24.12 / 10 = $2.41

As I just mentioned, this is an extremely conservative figure, but it is a lot more realistic that you will earn $2.41 when you start advertising for this keyphrase to begin with. It is very likely, as I will explain below, that this figure will increase if your site receives lots of traffic, has a high page ranking, and is therefore reputable to Google.

You must remember that Google knows if your website has just appeared up overnight, and there is no way that the top bidders' adverts for your chosen keyphrase will be put up on your site. That makes sense though, because if you were an advertiser bidding $50 say for car insurance, you wouldn't want your highly priced ad to appear on an overnight site, you would much prefer that it appeared on a very popular and reputable site.

Therefore, what you need to bear in mind is that as your site increases in popularity and page ranking, you will gradually get higher priced ads appearing on your site, which means that you will increase your earnings potential.

Many of these websites offering the top paying adsense keywords fail to mention these points, and many webmasters often become confused when they are only earning a few dollars per click instead of $50, which they were led to believe.

I hope this article has helped you understand a little bit more about Google Adsense. There is definitely a lot of money to be earnt from this opportunity, but these things take time and effort. If they didn't, wouldn't you be suspicious?

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Top Paying Adsense Keywords

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