Friday, November 03, 2006

The Death Of AdSense - Is Google AdSense Dead?

Many of you would have seen the report circulating the internet at the moment, claiming 'AdSense is dead'. Well, the truth of the matter is, AdSense IS dead for people who:

  • build websites with no useful content - also known as 'garbage' sites
  • copy and use content that has been written by other people, and used numerous times previously
Recent changes in the Google AdSense program has many online website owners and marketers seriously concerned. Many have seen their AdSense profits decline. For many the Google AdSense bubble has burst.

Why? Several months ago, Google made some minor, albeit significant changes to the AdSense program. Advertisers can now choose between having their ads display in Google search, the Google content network, or both. Google search won and started to receive higher bids, while also converting better than content ads.

The next step Google took was to crack down on useless, 'garbage' AdSense websites. We've all seen these sites before. They consist mainly of software generated articles, or re-hashed search engine links. In essence, these websites are totally useless as an information resource and are slowly getting squeezed out. Needless to say, this spelt disaster for internet marketers who ran websites of this nature - these are the people who are crying that AdSense is dead - when in actual fact, it is not!

It has become more than obvious that the people who benefit from AdSense are those who build content-rich, original websites that people actually want to visit, enjoy visiting, and continue to visit.

Does that sound a bit more promising and realistic? The reality of the situation is that AdSense is far from dead! I personally run several AdSense based websites that generate a significant revenue stream via AdSense advertising. Has there been a downturn in profits? Put simply - no.

The key to running websites whose sole purpose is to create income from advertising with Google AdSense is having quality content. As mentioned previously, AdSense will not work for people who are looking for a way to 'get rich quick'. Sure it will take a little bit of time to produce a great website, but once this has been done, it can run on autopilot and you can watch the dollars roll in. A little bit of effort up front equals big rewards later on.

But how do you go about producing these sites? The answer is simpler than many people would have you think. I personally bought numerous eBooks - all written by so-called professionals - that were supposed to help in building quality AdSense based websites. Of these, there was only one that cut through the clutter, got straight to the point and demonstrated, step-by-step, how to:

  • build quality AdSense websites
  • write and/or source quality content or articles
  • effortlessly integrate self-updating content
  • drive traffic to websites
  • integrate AdSense ads for maximum visibility and profitability

Don't listen to the hype, or the people that claim AdSense is dead. If you're interested in building websites that create an effortless revenue stream for you, I would suggest you read AdSense Gold today.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AdSense Profit From Google AdWords

Advertisements collected through Google AdWords system are shown on AdSense websites. When an AdSense publisher starts to buy traffic through Google AdWords for his AdSense site, he becomes an AdSense arbitrager. AdSense arbitrage is one of the AdSense business strategies that publishers could implement to make AdSense profit.

Is AdSense arbitrage a fraud to Google? No, Google allows AdSense arbitrage. As a matter of fact, the more AdSense arbitrage, the more Google could make from AdWords.

The success of AdSense arbitrage depends on the amount spend on traffic and the profits AdSense arbitrager gets from AdSense so long the cost of buying traffic does not exceed the earnings from the AdSense.

AdSense arbitragers need to make good profit from AdSense to cover the cost. One way to boost AdSense profit is by creating contents with high paying keywords. These contents normally get ads that pay higher. Therefore, high paying keywords are necessary for a successful AdSense arbitrage.

Keyword research tools such as Digitalpoint Keyword Suggestion Tool are used to locate the most searched keywords. With these keywords, AdSense arbitragers can obtain a list of high paying keywords using Google AdWords. By maximizing bid for each keyword, arbitragers can obtain the estimated highest cost per click (CPC) for each keyword.

However, the estimated highest CPC of each keyword obtained from AdWords does not reflect the real competition for that keyword. The highest bid price could be raised by one advertiser whereas majority advertisers are bidding for the same keyword at lower price. Besides, the estimated highest CPC could not reflect the true CPC of each keyword at regional level. Cost per click in different regions can be different as the competition for the same keyword in each region varies. Nonetheless, based on this list of highest CPC, AdSense arbitragers are able to discover the potential market for arbitrage.

AdSense arbitragers will then build a website targeting a set of chosen high paying keywords. Proper use of meta tags, title text and good quality content would increase the relevancy of ads and hence help the website to get high paying ads.

Low paying keywords from the most searched keywords list are used in the AdWords campaign drive traffic to the new website. AdSense arbitragers can include as many low paying keywords as possible in AdWords campaign and start each keyword with a minimum bid.

Run the AdWords campaign for a week or two to get the average earning per click. Increase the bid price or broaden the low paying keywords list if it can increase your AdSense arbitrage profits. Many other form of paid traffic can be used for AdSense arbitrage. Many smaller pay per click search engines could bring decent traffic collectively for less money.

AdSense arbitrage depends on high click through rate (CTR). Well position and well blended-in ads will induce high click through rate. Quality contents that provide values will attract quality audiences. These targeted audiences are more likely to turn into customers for advertisers. The higher quality audience your website sends to advertiser’s site, the less likely it would be smart priced.

The success of arbitrage can be shattered by unpredictable click through rate and fluctuation of keyword value. The cost spent on AdWords could easily exceed the profit from AdSense. The arbitrage process has to be monitored closely and constantly.

To capitalize the efforts and money spent on paid traffic, other form of monetized techniques such as affiliate marketing or name capturing form should be used to target those not converted AdSense audiences. With these mechanisms in place, efforts and money spent on paid traffic would not be wasted.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Adsense - Learning the Tools of the Trade

It should come to no surprise to most of you that amongst the number one monetizing forms one can use is Google Adsense – a strong advertisement method that automatically targets the content of your site and displays ad links accordingly. Super fast and pretty good, if you have a large website to play around with!

Of course the good ol’ giant has some flaws (although we will not discuss those in this article) but for the most Adsense will do a lot for your webpage. And nowadays the concept of having small text ads on your site is pretty much accepted and no one should be to upset about it.

How does Adsense work?

Well, first off you get to sign up with your site and the merry gang at Google will then get back to you if your site has been accepted or not. One tip here is to apply only with finished web pages or pages that has some decent content on them at least, it’s always boring to get rejected just because you were to trigger-happy!

When you are finally onboard, first of congratulations! Now it’s time to see what this program can do for you! As we wrote about earlier Adsense supplies advertisement to your visitors based on the content of your page, this means that if your page is about used cars, most likely the ads will display advertisement for.. used cars. Most of the time this will not be a problem since most pages are about one subject but in some cases it can be a bit messy (if you run a news page or link page you will have less control over shown ads). Why is this a problem you say? Well basically because visitors tend to click on ads that are closely related to the issue/content they are looking for. If your visitors are on your site reading about computer games, they’re more likely to be attracted to ads about computer games – now if you are running a site with changing content but still in some niche, you might get visitors that usually come to your site to read about computer games, but on this occasion you’ve pasted a news article about.. say cars, and then Adsense might show ads about cars. Not so likely that visitors will click on them, meaning less income for you.

This is no biggie however, there are numerous ways around this (defining what content Adsense should target is one) but I just wanted to give you a briefing how Adsense works and displays ads. Next step is choosing what type of ads you’d like to display on your page. My recommendation here would be to go with as much integration you possible can. Although, and this is a pretty BIG one, don’t ever try to fool your visitors (or Adsense either) just to get clicks! First off, your visitors will hate you for ever and eternal damnation might wait for you, but more important still, Adsense might throw you out and ban you.. not that funny since it’s no stroll in the park to get back in again.

(If you’re uncertain about your integration, just send Adsense an email just to make sure)

Different types of Adsense ads?

Currently there are three different ad formats available on Adsense:

Adsense for Content – displays ads (in text or banners, or both) on your page depending on your content/seo/links/and a lot more stuff, just to define what the hell your page is really about

Adsense for Search – A very smart little search bar integration letting your visitors search google and your site – while you get paid per search.

Adsense recommendations – Get your visitors to start using some of Googles own products and earn some cash along the way. You got Adsense, Adwords, Firefox with Google toolbar and Picasa to choose from.

Adsense for content

On this article I will mostly talk about Adsense for Content though, since that is, atleast in my opinion the system that works best.

So now you got your Adsense account up and running, time to choose your style! As I said above I would recommend Adsense for content since this is by far the easiest way of getting targeted ads on your site that your visitors might actually click on! First you get to choose if you want to have text ads or banners (images), or a mixture of both.

My recommendation here would be to go with text ads, small discreet stuff that works very well integrated on your pages. I would go for the banner images, not just yet at least but I will get back to using banners later on.

Try to pick a size that works for you, and be very mindful about the colors you can choose from, I would definitely recommend that you try to use the same, or similar colors on the ads that you have on your own links and a href stuff. Also try to give the ads some space and if you can, give them a good position, maybe somewhere in your text block?

Next up is definitely Text Links, these are small works of wonder and works very well if places right. I will get back to these small wonders later on this page but for now the direction you should be aiming for is trying to integrate them, and if you can even try to give them the space like you would for a normal navigation menu! (but as I said before, don’t try to be a smart ass and hide the links or make them too tricky, sure you might earn some nickels on it but the chances that Google won’t like your stunt makes it NOT worth it.)

This guide came from your source for getting started with adsense and other affiliate programs.

Secret to Google Adsense

If you are reading this page, chances are that you already have, or are planning to have a website that you are willing to monetize. Adsense can be a great way to generate revenue from your website if you follow certain rules and guidelines. Here are a few secrets that you can start implementing right away if you want to maximize profits with Adsense.

  • Find high paying keywords. What you should be looking at, is the keyword’s CPC, or the Cost Per Click. This is the amount that advertisers pay Google, each time their ad is clicked on, under the keyword. Using this knowledge, when you build your websites around high paying keywords, you get a higher ROI (return on investment). In this case, your investment is the time you have put into developing your website.
  • Put an abundant amount of highly targeted and relevant content on your web pages. Including irrelevant information, just for the sake of having content, is a great turnoff for many people and can cause them to hit the browser's back button in the blink of an eye. Having highly focused content will also enable Adsense to serve your readers better and targeted ads, which results in a much higher CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • Update your website at least once a week. Search engines love websites that are constantly updated with valuable information. It’s a proven fact that regularly updated websites get indexed much faster than the ones that are only updated once in a blue moon. The more traffic search engines drive to your site, the more chances your Adsense will be clicked on. Furthermore, people keep coming back to your site if you give them enough reason to do so, and the only way to do this is to regularly keep them updated with fresh and focussed content.
  • Location also matters when it comes to maximizing your CTR. Place the ads on the right hand side of your page, using the skyscraper layout. This is one of the most effective ways to attract readers’ attention without distracting them from the main content.

If used properly and strategically, Google Adsense can be easily turned into a mini cash machine. Follow these tips and your Adsense earnings are sure to shoot up in no time.

Did you know it takes 6 months on average to earn a decent income through Google Adsense? Can you really afford to wait that long? Visit to find out how you can cut the time in half by learning the 10 absolutely essential secrets to using Adsense!

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Monday, October 30, 2006

How To Dig Google Adsense Gold Part 5 of 15: Google Adsense Ad Location

How To Dig Google Adsense Gold Part 5 of 15 deals with where to position google adsense ads. Your google adsense ad unit positions are one of the most deciding factor on whether a user will click your google adsense ads or just plain ignore them. The home of your google adsense ads is worth days and weeks of tweaking to get exactly where they will earn you the most money. This is where you should ask yourself these five questions:

1. What kind of content do I have on my website?
2. What does my users do when they are visiting my website?
3. What places can I expect my users to focus their attention on?
4. How do I make my ads useful and not intrusive?
5. How do I keep my website looking as good as it was without the google adsense ads?

Using google adsense tools

Google adsense realizes that placement of your google adsense ads is a very important factor of your potential earnings. So they naturally have come up with great tools to help out. The first google adsense tool you need to check out is your google adsense channels. They will tell you how each of your google adsense ads are doing individually so you know which position is pulling you the most adgold. Next up is the google adsense custom reports; designed to give you daily or weekly even monthly stats of each and every one of your google adsense ad units. This way everything is delivered to your email with important information. Another useful thing about google adsense custom reports is the fact that you can compare them and see how your ads have been doing over time. Which is important because your user base may change making your previously carefully selected google adsense ad positions, useless against these new users. And of course the google adsense ad formats with them you can customize exactly how long or big your google adsense ads should. This is good since some high paying positions may be too small or too big for certain ad formats, for example your navigation. And last but least the google adsense color palettes knowing which colors compliment or blend in with your content will increase your earnings exponentially. Now all these tools can help you find the perfect position if used carefully and considering many outside factors. For example the fact that no matter how great a position, people are different it may attract some users and annoy others, just keep in mind the majority.

Google adsense heatmaps

Google adsense has released a lot of heatmaps over the years in an attempt to try pinpoint where exactly is the best positions for your google adsense ads. Even though each website is different there are certain areas that are just common sense that are sometimes guaranteed to work. The hotter the colors the better the google adsense position so red is good while white is the worse. There three main kinds: general, blogs, and forums:


The general heatmap indicates that the best google adsense position is on the top of your main content.


The forum heat map shows that the best placement in forums is in the navigational aid where most of your users will often look. But forums users are tricky because most of them skip the header and jump right to the thread. And putting ads right in the middle of a discussion is downright annoying and intrusive; this may prompt the user to ignore the google adsense ads. So instead put one instead at the bottom of the last post in a thread that way this offers the user more choices when the discussion is finished. Keep in mind however that most of your traffic will be returning daily so either intelligently blend your google adsense ads or use image ads to keep thing fresh.


The blog heat map illustrates that underneath your posts is where you should put your google adsense ads. Blogs are notoriously hard to accommodate google adsense ads for since they contain so much content to draw the user's attention. So first things first give your google adsense ads a blog title to make them stand out a bit but be sure to blend the rest of the ad unit to your content. But blogs more than make up their difficulty by offering a great way to diversify your google adsense ads. You can use the google search for example as your default search engine. You can also use refer ads when lining to google adsense. Not to mention that since blogs have a lot of content they are perfect for google adsense section targeting this way you can point to where exactly google adsense will look for content on your google adsense ads.

Remember nothing is set in stone these are just merely suggestions really.

Keep Them Close To Home

Google adsense ads tend to perform better when they are directly in your main content or under it. When it's say on the side of the content like in an article a user sees them as they are reading the content. Under the content it serves the user when they are done reading after they are done, they want to find out more about the subject and google adsense ads will present an easy way for you to gain money from them exiting your website. It doesn't matter anyway since 90% of users when they are done with the main content move on to other websites so why not earn money from them leaving?

Guide Them

A good starting position to test which google adsense position earns you the money is the navigational menu. You know and I know that the first a user does after arriving at a website is check the menu to see what else you have on your website. So right there and then is when you can grab them, so even though they don't find anything useful in your navigational menu they earn you some gold right there. Any skyscraper will do for this.

It Takes Time

Google adsense ad unit positioning takes a lot of patience and time along with it. So don't let all the frustrations that go along with it stop it's a great way to increase your google adsense gold, if and when you do it the right way.

Thank You

Google adsense is an ever changing field it takes a lot to keep up with the constant new methods. That's why I created All About Google Adsense on the hour updates of new ways to use google adsense as well as many articles like this one. If you'd like to support me please link to my precharge projectnet or Thank You

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