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Say Goodbye to A Penny A Day AdSense Earnings Forever

AdSense earnings are the lifeblood of many internet marketers and the metaphorical thorn in the side for others. Often, despite their best efforts, some webmasters simply can not generate substantial AdSense earnings, and to be constantly bombarded with the success stories of others has moved beyond inspiring into irritating. Fortunately, many successful marketers are now sharing genuinely successful strategies for success in internet marketing, particularly using AdSense. If you have been frustrated with seemingly accidental AdSense earnings, this is the time to move beyond that frustration into success.

True success, be it on the internet or and other venture, is simply taking a systemic approach to problems repeatedly. Specifically, internet marketers must decide what they need (or want) to do, develop a realistic plan of action, make any number of attempts to find success using the plan, reach success, and then repeat the process. While some professionals are well known as being highly skilled in many fields, this is not the path for most of us. Find what works and repeat – again, and again, and again.

Finding a Purpose:

To begin a new venture in hopes of greater AdSense earnings, it is important to find a purpose other than simply the monetary rewards. Internet customers are savvy and will see right through any simple money making schemes. To be successful, it is important to create a site or blog with personal interest. Your work should be in an area where you can devote the time and effort to feel true ownership of that material and to pass that feeling of ownership onto your visitors.

If you create blogs or sites which reflect your own passion or interests, the quality of the material produced will automatically be superior to the websites designed specifically for moneymaking schemes. Repeat visitors are every webmaster’s dream, but you must give those visitors and readers something to come back to. Passionate and informed content is required for this purpose.

Making a Plan:

If you have determined your purpose, it is time to develop a course of action. Presumably, you have an idea of your website’s overall function and the topics which the site will contain, but it is important to match your ideas with the marketplace. Industry and market research should be the basis of the planning stage. Remember, your plan should be about building the website, not simply about AdSense earnings.

Quantity is assured throughout the industry, but a high-quality website will launch ahead of almost eighty percent of the competition. Research the gaps within industry niches and streamline your general ideas and topic into one of those gaps. If there is an existing need, your website will be positioned strongly simply by the economics of supply and demand.

You can locate gaps and niches by studying and selecting the most relevant keywords to optimize for your site, and by studying the competition. Remember, there is no purpose in doing what everyone else is doing. Find a way to approach an industry or topic differently and more effectively than the competition.

Try, Try Again:

The purpose is in place, and the plan is sound. Be aware that even the best plan might take some time to get off the ground. It is more common to fail in business than to succeed, so don’t let discouragement set in. If your first, third, or tenth attempt proves to be less than desirable all around, including AdSense earnings, find the areas that are having some success, build those up, and tweak the nonperformance areas for improvement.

It is easy to fall into the trap of providing low or moderate quality content in hopes of being spidered more quickly or tapping into the benefits of page rankings. Remember, however, that customers will not come back if there is nothing for them to come back to. Write for people, not machines. Prepare meaningful content, not something so laden with keywords it no longer makes sense. Spiders don’t click through ads generating your desired AdSense earnings, faithful readers do. Make the site for your readers, and you will be well ahead of the rest of the pack.


If you have committed yourself to creating quality material with a genuine value and purpose for your readers, everything will fall into place. To speed the process along, you should always do a bit of public relations and marking for your new creation in the form of press releases and article distribution. This is especially true if your website is primarily article or blog based.

What better way to showcase the quality of your material than by distributing it for others? Build the website with a specific purpose in mind, other than your AdSense earnings of course, and if you follow through on the commitment to excellence, success will follow. Your website will gain popularity through more important means than simple searches in the search engines. Word of mouth and recognition for other notables within the industry will drive the success of your program, and the monetizing attempts you’ve included, such as AdSense earnings, will simply grow with the site.


Success indicates a solid business model. The tracking you’ve done throughout the discovery process is now crucial to repeating that success. Maintain the same goal of material with genuine value, but take your plan to the next interest.

Isolate a few keywords within another interest or passion, and use your business plan to drive the new niche to success. As each website or blog develops a following, AdSense earnings will grow along with the site’s popularity. Each additional success will simply add to your arsenal of high-quality, heavily trafficked, monetized websites, and you will bask in the warmth of success at last.

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Google AdSense May Soon Be Repackaged

Looks like AdSense ads in its present form just might soon be phased out eventually. There is recent news, since end of September 2006, that Google is currently running beta testing of Cost Per Action AdSense ads with a selected small group of people.

The inference is that after beta testing, Google may carry out a full international launch of CPA AdSense ads. This means that clicks on AdSense ads will not be paid. CPA AdSense ads publishers are paid only if an action is carried out by the visitor after the ad is clicked. The action can be a purchase or generating a sales lead. That is, either the visitor buys or he fills his details in a form.

The advertiser will have choice of paying for an outright sale or for getting a sales lead, depending on the nature of the business. He will also decide on how much to pay.

Thus, for the AdSense publisher, not every click will result in getting payment, but the payment would be many, many times more when a sale or a lead is generated after the click. This will be living up the Internet marketing food chain.

It will also solve the problem of click fraud which is presently costing advertisers 10 to 15 percent or more of the payments. Click fraud is an enormous nagging problem to Google.

A pertinent question is how will it affect the AdSense publishers? Will they earn more or less? The guess is that the advertisers will be more aggressive because they know that their budget results directly in sales or leads (which could very likely turn out to be sales). The risks are very much reduced and the advertisers can be expected to be very aggressive in bidding for AdWords. Thus, all in all, the AdSense publisher will stand a good chance of earning more, even with Google there taking a cut as middleman.

This CPA concept is not altogether new, however. So, if you can't wait for the new CPA AdSense to be implemented (if ever), then you can join the many CPA networks which offer a wide variety of goods and services paying very high commissions for sales and leads. Some of the CPA networks are Click Booth, Modern Clicks, and Azoogle. Thus we make a full circle and come back to the original concept of affiliate marketing.

Posted by Dale Ng, an Internet entrepreneur enthusiast who shares tips, info, news and articles on Internet marketing. Feel free to visit his website on Internet home business at: You can also visit his blog at:

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Make Money With Adsense Writing Articles

Making money with Adsense is all the rage now. And there are so many different ways to make money from Adsense But no matter what type of website you have, you must be displaying the Google ads, getting traffic and traffic that clicks on your ads to make any money.

So to help you along your way, here is a method you've probably not tried and most people probably won't as it does take effort and time. This will make it easier for you to be successful with it.

You see, most people seem to want to keep switching from automatic software generators to bombs to portal sites to directory listing sites, which is fine, but the best way is to stick to creating unique content that's informative and of high quality.

This method is not the only way to make money with Adsense, jeez there are probably hundreds and hundreds and lots that we all have not even thought of yet. But as I said before I really feel that this is the best method for long term success, simply because it's been working well in different ways since I began Internet marketing a while ago.

What you need to do is create a site that has thousands and thousands of pages of content on all sorts of subjects and then you get your traffic for free via organic search engine searches, which is all well and good if you want to wait awhile, but this article is all about making money quickly.

Every page on your site should have an adsense box on it and that is how you will make your money.

Now, trying to write thousands of pages of content yourself before making any money would be difficult, you'd lose interest very very quickly and even if you tried to buy that much content would be lunacy.

Plus to build a publish a website with that much content would alert the search engines who would think you are spamming them.

I've always preferred to make money constantly even if the project is only half done or in progress. I find it gives me incentive to keep going.

So this is how you need to approach it.

1. Register a catchy domain name, something like or

2. Start writing little 500 to 750 word action plans or checklist on all sorts of topics such as your favorite hobbies and other interesting topics.

3. Publish your website with your articles and remember to add your Adsense boxes, one in the middle and one of the right hand side.

4. So you've published your site up, you have a page up on a certain topic that had a fairly high search rate and Adsense payout rate, now what? How do you make money with this page.

Write articles! For every one fly fishing type checklist write 10 to 20 articles on all sorts of subjects to do with your topic.

But how do you get people from reading your article to going to your website?

Well, not only would you mention your site within your article, (slip it in humbly) you also have your article byline you can use for that purpose.

For example

"For a complete checklist for your first fly fishing trip visit"


"For a complete step by step checklist for catching large Trout visit"

So not only will you make money instantly from your website, you will also build tons of quality content over time and you will have hundreds maybe even thousands of articles all over the Internet working for you around the clock and your site will do a heck of a lot better in the search engines due to all the incoming links!

This is a very rough outline, but you smart people out there will be able to run with it and add new ideas I haven’t even thought of. This is one of those money machines that will make you money on demand pretty much for the life of the Internet.

Justin Bryce runs a number of websites for Internet Marketing. If you want to save time writing articles or just grab private label articles go to

Plus you can check out Jeff Paul , Jim Fleck , Mal Emery ( other top internet marketers.

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Why Google Needs to Rethink Adsense Policies

Have you ever noticed how many irrelevant websites you find when you do a search these days. You might get a result that says something like "Top 10 Sites on Your Search Query. The resulting page will have several different links to pages that vaguely resemble your search. So, essentially you are getting a search page after your initial search just so the owner of that website can get a piece of the Google pie. While it is marketing genius on Google's end, it is a pain for both the Adwords advertiser and the user attempting the search.

A few months ago this wasn't that big of a problem. Only a few entrepreneurs were innovative enough to come up with these "junk" websites with little to no useful content, chock full of Adsense and other ads. Unfortunately, now, several "get rich quick" schemes have promoted and guided users to make their own money on the web for doing practically nothing. The result is a complete mess. One unethical entrepreneur boasted that he maintains 75000 junk sites to generate $10,000 a month in Adsense revenue. As if the internet was not cluttered enough.

What Google had originally intended to be a benefit to Adwords advertisers, such as myself, is actually creating competition for the same Adwords advertisers. That's right, Adwords advertisers are in competition with the Adsense advertisers. For example, say I sell Widgets. I want to pay a maximum of $.50 per click. Someone does a search for Widgets and clicks on an ad that says something like, "Don't Buy Widgets Unless You See This." Most users would be intrigued enough to click on it even if it is towards the bottom. This junk site probably pays $.10 for this click. The resulting page would have my ad displayed on there for the full price of $.50, netting them a $.15 profit (Google keeps about half). So, essentially, having more advertisers for a certain keyword drives the cost per click of that keyword higher and higher, so in reality, I am competing with myself to pay someone who doesn't want to work for a living.

Fortunately, there is some recourse. Google does give advertisers the option to opt out of the "Content Network" which is where these Adsense ads are displayed. The only problem with that is my competitors would have to opt out too, otherwise I am losing potential customers. Until Google disciplines these junk site advertisers, this problem will only get worse.

Andy Johnson is a educator, notary, web programmer, videographer, graphic designer. For more information please go to Andy Johnson's Website.

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Adsense Gold – The New Revolution In Adsense Earnings.

By: Alex Miller

There are a bunch of people on the Internet that are pulling in thousands of dollars every single week by using certain information about AdSense. I’ve come across a product called Adsense Gold which is referred to all over the Internet as one of the best solutions to increase your AdSense earnings, including tripling your adsense CTR & EPC. I checked it out and thought that it was simply one of the best solutions available. It works on three simple principles.

First is that you get the right ad format and placement. That means you use this guy’s statistics based on millions and millions of page impressions to work out what the very best performing ad format is. What he does is he tells you the best color to use, the best size of ad, the best shape of ad and where to place the ad. He also talks about the best performing color; in terms of links, headlines, etc. He removes all the guesswork from you in terms of having to try and work out what the best ad format is.

The second principle is that he focuses on the most valuable keywords to target. If you use AdSense you’ll know that the AdSense keywords you use are crucial to determine your earnings. You can be getting a few cents a click or, if you use the right keywords – the most valuable keywords, you can be getting several dollars per click. He gives you a free list of hundreds and hundreds of high earning keywords; keywords that advertisers are willing to bid up to 30 dollars or more for a single click.

The third principle is that you get lots and lots of targeted content. Content is king, as I say, and what he does is provide you with a ready-packaged bunch of content that you can lift and use directly, legitimately, on your website. This gives you keyword-rich targeted content that includes the keywords that are bid for by the highest paying advertisers, and he gives you all these things for free.

The main point behind the software, as it is a piece of software, is that it enables you to track absolutely everything about your ads campaign. It tells you which ads have been clicked on, how often and from which pages. It tells you where people have come from, how they’ve typed something into a search engine to find you and what phrases they’ve typed into that search engine.

You can use these principles to implement changes on your site to earn more and more revenue every single day. It’s become a life blood of my AdSense earnings and I now earn over 11 thousand dollars every single month using AdSense and this tool. Considering everything you get it’s exceptionally cheap. I recommend that you check it out below.

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Triple Your Adsense CTR & EPC

Easy Way to Make Money With Adsense


The only way to learn how to make money with Google Adsense is to understand the basic rules that support this whole online marketing process. I have an information on the subject that can make you money with Adsense . One way to make money with with it is by keyword targeting. To make money with Adsense is not as easy as it seems but its not difficult either, if you do it right. Knowing how to make money with google adsense is one of the most common questions. The key to success to make money with it is the placing of ads on pages that are receiving high traffic for high demand keywords.

Google AdSense is the program where you can host ads on your web site. You can choose your AdSense ads. The color of the ads is also worth considering. Adsense by design would match the most relevant ads on your web page. You have the ability of earning money for every click from displaying Adsense ads on your website. Signup for Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, and ValueClickMedia, these are very good programs. If Google catches you clicking on your own AdSense ads, they can shut your website down, this is not ethical to do so don’t do it. All you need on your site is content and Adsense ads. If there are many Adsense ads in the site then this means that there is a great profit potential for this niche. Track the performance of Google AdSense ads in the Google admin section. This will be very helpful when collecting statistics. Remember to have great content because the AdSense ads depend on the actual content of your site.

Write content and ask a few webmasters to link to you and others will link on their own. Build up at least 10-30 pages of pure content. Google Adsense rewards content with advertising revenue. Create your own content sites and make money with Google Adsense. Contextual refers to content that relates to the subject of your web page. A Quality website being rich in content is a sure way to generate income using google adsense. Write unique and interesting content will bring in a lot of traffic. Most people create a site, slap some content and then wait for people to click on their ads. The three factors are your content, the keywords and your Adsense ads.

There are many adsense tips floating around the internet. Here are a few advanced tips that will show you how to make money with Google Adsense: Do your best to get targeted visitors to come on your web pages, get links pointing back to your site. Follow these tips and strategies to maximize your earning potential. You can start to learn the tips, tricks, and techniques only the pros use in just minutes from many different reports floating around on the internet.

To make money with Google Adsense is not as easy as it seems but its not difficult either, if you do it right. The key to success to make money with Google AdSense is the placing of ads on pages that are receiving high traffic for high demand keywords and spending time building link popularity to the site hosting the ads.

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