Tuesday, December 12, 2006

AdSense Is Making Me Rich

I want to talk to you about the power of Google AdSense and how you can use it to generate not hundreds, not thousands, but tens of thousands of dollars from your website. I’ve only been using AdSense for a few months, but already I’m earning thousands and thousands every single week just from AdSense. I want to share with you right now some secrets on how I do that.

One of the best secrets that I’ve learned about AdSense is that you can get a lot of revenue if you place AdSense in your links pages. Almost everybody now has a links page or collection of links on their website for other resources. If you have a categorized links directory or a few links pages grouped together this is even better. What AdSense can then do is determine exactly which ads to show on which page.

Since you’re already going to be losing traffic from those links anyway, why not get paid to actually drive people to other websites! That’s one of the key secrets: include AdSense on your links pages.

Another great secret is to use your newsletter or mailing list to generate AdSense revenue. They don’t allow you to send anything out by email that includes AdSense, but what you can do is you can create a newsletter that is online. You would send an email and, rather than including the newsletter within that email, you would send people to a link. People will land on that link and it includes your newsletter in html format along with relevant AdSense ads.

This also builds up over time. You can have multiple issues of the newsletter back-dated, all of which are accessible and being read by your visitors and all that include AdSense ads. This is a great way, and a very quick way, to monetize your newsletter. If you create a newsletter around a specific theme every single time you email it out, you’ll start to see that the ads become relevant each time and you’ll get more and more people clicking on them.

Another secret for AdSense is to create the text ads with the same background as your sites page. If you do this they blend into your site much more effectively. If you use frameless ads, where the color of the frame is the same as your website, this will work even better.

The main secret that I found in creating an AdSense empire is to do one thing every day which will actually improve your AdSense earnings. Whether that’s add more content, get more key phrases, send another newsletter or read more information about AdSense; do one thing each day which earns you more!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ultimate Google Adsense Secret (for free)

(can be found from expensive e-books and from this free article)


In our previous articles you read that to maximize your Google Adsense revenue, you should have some seo done, you should have ads on more than 1 website, you should have high traffic and more importantly, targeted traffic. To get that traffic, you are advised to optimize your website for search engines (this is called SEO). You have learnt that if you get 1000 visitors a day and if you acchive at least 1% of them to click on your ads (which is a low click-trough-rate or CTR), and if one click is somewhere between $0.1 or $0.5, you get $1-5 a day (because 10 x 0.1 = 1).

You are wasting your time and traffic if you are having 500-1000 unique visitors a day and you're only making $1-5 a day. Lots of e-books are saying they've found the secret, they've found the goose that lays the golden eggs, they say they know how to squeeze more revenue from Adsense. But guess what, we've also found the secret, and we are giving it away for free!

How To Maximize Google Adsense Revenue

The main key to maximize your Google Adsense profits is to try getting ads targeted on high-paying-keywords. Instead of $0.5 from one click, you could make $5-30 from one click, which then means that to make serious money, you might only need 100 visitors a day. The key is to find those high-paying-keywords. Only one service that we know is showing you the prices of keywords.

Using Google Adwords To Find Keyword Price

Google AdWords? Yes, Google Adwords is for advertisers but you can register. Of course, it would be polite if you'd also use this service in the future in the proper way and if you would pay for some campaign. When registering an account with Google Adwords, lots of people stop right in the beginning because they see that they need to set up an advertisement campaign. Yes, you must set it up first, but you don't have to pay for it yet. You can pay for the campaign later (or you can stop using this service and not to pay at all). In the meanwhile you can use Adwords tools, like Keyword Pricing Tool etc.

When you're setting up campaigns, Google wants you to enter some keywords to target your ads for the right audience. When you're typing in the keywords, it shows you the possible prices of the keywords. Lets say, if you want to check the price of a keyword "broker", you just type "broker" into the field and Google shows you that you need to pay $25-30 for each click that is targeted to broker keywords. So in general, lets say that you see a website and it's content is about brokers and brokering, and it also has some ads on, it's pretty sure that the site might get 25 dollars from each click on those ads, of course, only if broker ads are shown at all, if the webmaster has had a good job optimizing the website and optimizing the content for those keywords.

Practical Use Of This Secret?

If you have a website and some content or you're planning to make a website, get as much as keywords from your industry that you can think of or that you can find and use some "keywords tools" (which can be found from the tools section) and find relative keywords for them. Find how many times are they searched for etc., too. Then check the price of your industry specific and relative keywords with Adwords, find the keyword that pays the most.

Then optimize your content for that specific keyword, or if you want to make your site more optimized, choose the keyword that is searched for more than others and that pays high, too and then optimize your content for that keyword. How to do that? Read keyword optimization articles, which can be found from our article section, too.

That's it, now you know how to really maximize your Google Adsense revenue. Now you know the secret that e-books are selling for $49-99. You got it free. Thank you for reading this article and thank you for not wasting your money on things that you can get for free

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