Monday, April 02, 2007

Adsense Decoded - Can You Score with Adsense Decoded?

There are two types of internet marketing products that make it to the top on clickbank. The first type is the one written by a part of the guru insider club. These have a cookie cutter, hot-button pushing sales letters that reveals little about the actual product but know how to really stoke that buying fire.

Other products rise to fame and fortune from much more humble beginnings. The only things these products have going for them is their quality and the limited marketing surge mustered by their creator.

Adsense Decoded is of this second type. I can’t remember getting one email about it.

Anyways, I bought this product a while back and thought it was quite good. The 47% CTR on Adsense is what really got me going because I thrive on Adsense for all my black hat sites.

I do get CTRs like these but I always want more methods. And the book is written by a doctor (Patrick Hillenbrand) and they complement me well.

Doctors sat through a decade of school without messing up. They’re patient, they’re meticulous and they can’t skim over the details. Just the opposite of me.

So I thought “at best, this will remind me of what I need to be doing and have neglected to implement”.

Adsense Decoded turned out being pretty darn sharp, although it does have its shortcomings.

I buy far too many internet marketing products. It’s an addiction, like eating chocolate and cracking your knuckles. It might be bad for you, but you do it anyways. But I digress.

Adsense Decoded does get my seal of approval. It’s not for everybody but it does hit some very important and potentially profitable issues.

It covers in great depth everything from setting up your site to choosing profitable ads for them. Yes, you choose profitable ads, not niches and that’s a biggie that almost everyone gets all wrong.

It also racks up your CTR and the payout you get for your clicks.

Did you know about Adsense Quality Score. Yeah Adsense. If you’re neglecting this aspect, you could be getting up to 5 times less per click from the same advertiser on the same ad. That means you could bump your profits up by several multipliers over night on existing sites, just with these simple methods.

And finally there’s arbitrage.

Adsense Decoded doesn’t give you the step by step lowdown on it but it does show you how to build landing pages, select advertisers and source the all important traffic.

I would call it the best Adsense resource available.

It did have some atrocious parts though, like a full video on setting up an Aweber account. Note to the author: your product is about Adsense….Adsense Decoded, remember?

Overall a very worthwhile purchase for those that truly want to master Adsense, inside and out.

For a full section by section break down of Adsense Decoded, read the complete review on the authors internet marketing blog.

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