Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Adsense Membership Sites - Are They Your Password To Adsense Domination?

If you are one of those webmasters who can't get a check every month from Google adsense and think that nothing is harder than adsense, you must be doing something wrong. Want to know how they do it?

Adsense is an easy way to pay your web hosting bills and membership site subscriptions. Your adsense checks can also help you with your ongoing education since the Internet is evolving so fast.

I am sure you think that there is a secret to make money with adsense. The truth is that there is not what we call a closed guarded secret to make money with Google as your partner.

Everything that can make you money or increase your adsense income is widely discussed about on various Internet marketing and other work at home forums. Even better than those, specific forums and discussion board are purely dedicated to adsense.

If it wasn't enough, Google itself has a blog about adsense and give you a complete free adsense education.

If you are not taping in all these resource, it is normal that you don't make a lot of money with adsense if any.

On top of that, savvy Internet marketers profit from the adsense craze and sell guides and adsense membership sites to help you making more money with adsense.

Those membership sites are not different than public forums ecxept for the following: They save you a lot of time. It can be your best option if you have more time than money.

These adsense membership sites help you with the following:

1) Videos or Ebooks tutorial for beginners

Those are created for people who never heard about adsense and don't even know how to buy a domain name.

2) Monthly templates for blog and webistes

It consist in getting several packs or ready made websites each and ever month. These sites can come preloaded with articles (PLR) or free articles from article sites. If they come with free articles, you will lose money since your visitors will click on these resource boxes links... and leave your site.

It is better to get PLR and modify them a little bit (at least %25) if you don't want to be caught in the duplicate content madness.

3) Ebooks and video tutorial to get more traffic to your adsense sites

As we said above, there is no adsense secret! Traffic plus adsense clicks = money. It is a simple equation.

Those ebooks and video tutorials will help you to get thousands of visitors a month to your sites since they focus on proven strategies to increase traffic to your website.

To really make money with adsense, there is no doubt that you need more than one website. If you can quickly set up one site every day that run on autopilot and make $2 a day, with thirty sites you will make $60 a day.

That's $1800 a month! If you want more, build more websites. I think that you understand haw a adsense membership site can help you to get big adsense checks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your are Def on point with this. i use to be one of those people and blew it off for a im looking at 350-450 monthly from google and it just keeps growing. You can see my screens shots and proof on you have any tips..let me know!

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