Friday, June 01, 2007

Adsense Success Key Factors

As the advertiser you must wondering where all the ads was coming from? The answer is very simple, they are all from Google AdWords. If you have ever search on Google, you have seen AdWords. Google AdWords are small text ads that are display on the side on the search results in the Google. The ads will serve based on what you are looking for. Google AdWords work on model known as call “pay-per-click”. When someone clicks on AdWords ad, the advertiser of those ads needs to pay Google on certain amount. It is easy to track and fully automated. Therefore, when ever a visitor click the ads displaying at your website, you will earn a share of the pay-per-click amount from Google. Google Adsense is an extension of Google AdWords.

1.Type and Format of Your Ad
Even that you can let Google to decide what type of Ads that will displayed on your web site, but as the web publisher you should take a move to choice the ads that suit the content of your website. You also need to consider the colour, front size and the appearance that match your web page. Beside, you might struggle with the problem on using of image ads or text ads that will be better for your page. On this problem, actually Google technology will suggest which one is better and can generate more revenue for you, if you choice a combination of both ads. However, some of expert might suggest to uses text ads, but for me, the decision must more depend on the matching for of the ads with your webpage.

2.Location of Your Ad
Since the Ad was located on your web pages, so you have an ultimate decision power to determine where should be the best place to display your Ad, and where should the most location to capture the eye of your visitor. Some expert suggesting that the best place to place your Ad should be at the top of your webpage as possible. If you choose the ads so called ‘skyscrapper’, then it should be located at the right side of your content areas. The reason of doing this, is because of in most languages, visitor will read from left to right.

3.Researching Keywords
As we understand, choosing the right keyword is an important key factor for the success your internet marketing of your web pages and your product. This is because the keywords will directly influence both who visits your site, and how Adsense assigns ads to you. However, the biggest mistake most web publisher done was, choose the high-paying keywords with assuming that it will yield them more income. While it is tempting to choose such keywords to get higher rankings on search engines, be prudent when it come to selecting the right keywords that go with the Adsense ads that are to be displayed….Remember the goal here is to get more click and not Search Engines Optimization ranking.

4.Content of your web pages
The final “Adsense Success Key Factors” that we would like to highlighted here, is how well your content of your web pages “make some kind of sense” for the relevant readers that visiting your website and giving them a good experience that puts them in an inquisitive or buying frame of mind. You should ensure that your web pages should have enough textual content so that the Adsense program can set ads that are relevant to the content on your pages. Beside, you should have a unique page titles based on the specific content of each page.

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