Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is Adsense Enough?

There has been some debate over whether you can still make a reasonable income using Adsense. Some people say you can’t, others say you can.

So what is the answer to this debate?

You can still earn a reasonable income using adsense, in fact you can earn an amazing income using adsense. I don’t believe you can earn $20,000 per month just with one website alone, but you can earn that much if you have several websites and if they are set up correctly.

The biggest problem with people wanting to make money using adsense and failing miserably at it, is they jump into it without doing their homework.

Many people will think it looks fairly simple to set up a website and throw a few ads onto the pages and sit back and earn money.

Adsense needs to be done right. It isn’t hard, but it does need to be done right for you to earn a substantial income with it.

You need to do the preparation on your website. Don’t set up a site and fill it with rubbish just to get the pages filled.

Use good content….No, use great content. The search engines love websites with good, unique content. If you fill your website with lots of really good and unique content then it will rank well.

You also need to work at getting your website ranked well in the search engine. Set your website up using appropriate keywords and just the right amount of keywords. Overdoing keywords is not good for your site, google doesn’t like the overuse of keywords. Not having enough keywords doesn’t help your site ranking either, so its quite important to do your homework on search engine optimization and get it just right.

You need to place your Adsense ads in the spots that will convert to clicks the best. Ad sizing, colors and placement all play a big part on how many clicks you will receive.

Do your homework to find out the best placements and color schemes to use and if you still don’t get enough clicks from your ads, play around with them until you get it right.

You must also spend a lot of times driving traffic to your website. Putting Adsense ads on your site will not make you any money if you aren’t getting enough visitors to click on those ads.

Put lots of efforts into increasing your websites page ranking and into driving traffic to your site.

Advertise your website everywhere you can think of. Use website directories, article directories, blogs and forums.

As long as you put the work into your website and get the traffic coming in then you can make a full time income using adsense. One website alone may not be enough to give you a full time income, but setting up a few Adsense websites and getting them ranked well can give you and amazing income.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sheryl_Polomka


Blogger Money Maker said...

I am also working for a online blog related with google adsense so that if u want to have link exchange with me then do not forgot to gontact me ok?

8:49 PM  
Blogger Mr Siber said...

adsense is not the only way to earn money, affiliate marketing is also a part of earning money online..i've had passion on Affiliate Marketing

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Affiliate Marketing said...

Affiliate marketing is THE BEST way to make money if you are lazy =) I'm kind of lazy and I like to do it... it's fun. Much more value per click...

See 100 adsense clicks is about $1-$10, but 100 clicks on an affiliate links is $30-$50 at least!

6:48 AM  

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