Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How My Friend Makes Big Money On Adsense

Are you one of the millions of people who are trying to make a quick buck out of adsense? Are you becoming tired of seeing low returns for what you believe are big efforts? Would you like to increase your Google adsense earnings? I am not sure about how you have answered these questions however I would imagine that quite a lot of people would have said yes to most of them. A few months ago I would have also answered yes to all of those questions but I was then lucky enough to meet somebody who I now regard as a good friend. He is called Neil and Neil is making a huge amount of money from adsense and has been kind enough to show me how. In this article I will explain all.

Neil has around ten websites and they are all on the same theme, which is health. He has worked out a way of linking all of the sites to ensure that they are all one-way links. It is quite hard for me to explain it without drawing a diagram but lets just say it is like a traingle formation, I will hope you can work the rest out for yourself.

Neil is quite fortunate as he has a number of very good contacts in the webmaster industry and he has somehow managed to get all of these sites hosted on different servers, basically his friends servers. These contacts or friends as he refers to them also are in a type of link club. This is where they offer each other links in return for a link back from a different site. Again they are always very careful to ensure that all of the links are one-way links.

All of the members of this group are strong believers in the power of article marketing. Neil writes and submits five articles each and every day. Other people in the club have decided to outsource this task as it can take up a lot of time.

He has explained to me how he does it, I wonder if he will now let me become a member of his club?

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