Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Learn How To Increase Adsense Take Home By Distributing Articles Wisely

Do you know that you can easily increase your adsense take home by simply distributing articles wisely?

Read on to learn how to increase adsense take home by simply distributing articles wisely.

The joy of every adsense affiliate is to constantly increase his or her adsense take home. And one way that you can do this is by simply learning how to distribute articles wisely. Learn how to effectively distribute articles to increase your adsense take home in this article.

Learn how to increase adsense take home - distribute all the articles that you have written wisely. I would like to state here that the way you distribute your articles will really play a major role in your adsense revenue. A powerful strategy that you can use is this. Take all the articles that you have written with the top 20 keywords in a particular niche and post them only at your adsense website or blog. Then all the other articles can then be submitted to ezinearticles.com. You can then link say 10 articles each from ezinearticles.com, to each of the articles with the high paying keywords that you have only posted at your website or blog. All the articles that you have posted at ezinearticles.com can then be posted back to your blog but without or with a different resource box.

This system of consistently and effectively distributing articles wisely is what the so-called experts use to rake in tens of thousands from adsense. Use it wisely to your own advantage.

When do you want to start effectively distributing articles to increase your adsense take home?

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Increase Your Adsense Earning Up To 300% By Competitive Ad Filter

Competitive ad filter is tool from adsense to let's you get your competitive ad out from webpage and blog.

The thing is a lot of MFA ( made for adsense ) website or blog is advertising in our page,too.

This method is to try to get rid of the kind MFA site out of our blog page.

Why we gotta avoid from the MFA site.

1.Didn't match our content
Because MFA site sometime their ads is match our site

They have no content or just little content or no product they have only adsense. This kind of the site is nasty look the page full of adsense.Don't sell anything don't provide any service or content. So our reader feel no good about ad may be MFA trick the reader to click the ad that they hope to get the service or information.Of course we need to get this kind of ad out of our page.

They pay you cheap PPc.They don't have the product or provide anything.All The MFA do is make the profit from pay small in adword and hope to get some higher per click keyword.

For me I think if the advertiser own the product the possible that they pay higher.Look at the great popular reliable advertiser to advertising on our page.

So avoid them and provide your reader with good service good information with good advertiser.You can choose that because of you are the owner of the site you're king please choose

What is the worth enough for you to appear in your page :>

How to increase adsense earning by Competitive ad filter

1.install go to Adsense help center here

2.Download Adsense preview tool right click Save target as

3.Double click to install

4.Open your IE go to your blog or site

5.Right click then adsense preview tool

6.Start to choose ad to show in your blog page

** Beware to click your own ad while you are doing preview tool.** click choose option you can choose the ad format same the ad format that you use Choose Geo-target that is the ad that adsense will auto appear for the visitor from the country you choose.

7.close the choose option box start to choose ad
tick the ads you want to choose copy then paste in your notepad.Go to the Country that the most your traffic from. Do it 2-3 times for single country.If the important country can do more.Collect all to your notepad.

8.Go visit the site that you're collect.Make your own discision the ads you want to appear in your blog or not.Creata the unwanted list.

9.Go to your adsense account >adsense set up>competitive ad filter put your unwanted list to the box >save changes

10.Targeting your CTR >Getting the result
Go check the MFA list with adsblacklist

How to choose the advertiser?
1.Not MFA go for check http://www.adsblacklist.com/ Adsense allow you to filter up to 200 lists
2.The site design is good. reliable own the product.Like I said before it's have a possibility that they pay much.
3.Not have adsense or less adsense.The customer have a possibility go back to our page to click another adsense ad if they still didn't find what they want.

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