Thursday, March 13, 2008

AdSense Better Than Affiliate Marketing?

The amount of money that you can make with AdSense will depend on different factors. Some of these you can control from the outset, others need tuning as you go along. AdSense responds to certain rules of the market like any other business activity so if you aren't getting the revenue that you want or expect, the following may get you back on track.

When thinking about how you want to generate AdSense revenue, take a moment to think about the types of visitors that are more likely to click on ads. Common sense suggests that they'll have a desire to acquire something or they'll be the curious type. This means the e-commerce sites, information rich sites and sites attracting visitors with the promise of a solution to a
problem will be candidates for higher AdSense click rates.

When the visitors come to the site, provide them with good quality and
interesting content related to the theme of your site. This is important for two reasons. The first is that your visitors are probably after information in the first instance, so don't disappoint them or they won't stay long enough to check out the ads. The second is that search engines including Google will rate your site according to its content. The more they like you, the higher you go in their listings. Plus Google needs good content in order to send the Adsense ads that
are the most appropriate.

Google's site itself has a wealth of information on participating in the AdSense program. They have a number of rules that must be followed - or they can cancel your account. Most of it stands to reason if you remember that Google's guiding policy in the web is to give users quality information. This means that the ads served up by AdSense should be good enough quality for the visitors
themselves to decide if they want to click. Any suggestion by the site owner that visitors should click on ads is a reason to terminate the AdSense contract.

But Google also supplies good and clear information on what works well for AdSense revenues and how you can optimize your pages to stay within their rules and to increase revenue. It's a prime example of giving away valuable information on the web to get you to "buy in" to the Google way of doing things. And a strong hint for you to do the same on your web pages -you provide the valuable information, then let visitors consult the ads for themselves.

You'll find that it's an ongoing process of tweaking and tuning. Sometimes
there are no hard and fast rules. Should you keep adding pages to a site using related keywords or should you start a new site with a different set of keywords? Experiment when you can to see what generates the most revenue and replicate your successes whenever you can.

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